Four misunderstandings about sex dolls

Four misunderstandings about sex dolls

June 30, 2020

Although sex dolls are now more and more well-known, more people are willing to try these realistic sex dolls. But many people hesitate before buying sex dolls, and are affected by some misleading comments from society. At the same time, there are also many psychological concerns and insufficient understanding of dolls. In fact, you can completely dispel these doubts. There are many things that you don't need to exist, because these problems do not exist.


Four misunderstandings about sex dolls

Who doesn't want a new sex doll at all? Imagine having to buy an already used sex doll just because you cannot afford a brand new sex doll. It won't even get worse. Having a new sex doll is a good thing, because it means that you are the official first owner of the doll, and you can start from the same place together. Non-new sex dolls may have some flaws. No wonder they will make you much cheaper, but they completely lack the feeling and taste of new things.

Sex dolls are very expensive

A lot of news makes such a gimmick, saying that sex dolls are expensive to make, and the price of many sex dolls is unaffordable. This is absolutely wrong perception! Sex dolls are essentially the same as all commodities, with different quality and different prices. If you pursue a sex doll with excellent quality, the price will be very high. But if the sex doll you are after is of high quality, then you don't need to buy a doll that is too expensive.

 Four misunderstandings about sex dolls 

The price of sex dolls depends more on the suppliers and manufacturers than the status of sex dolls. The more parties there are between the parties, the higher the price. Buying directly from the manufacturer can greatly reduce the price burden, which is the main idea of many people. Another thing that may seriously affect the price of your new sex doll is the custom quantity required. The more customization features, the higher the cost.

In fact, expensive dolls are not much different from ordinary dolls, but there are some subtle differences in the handling of some details, and the experience is similar. Different dolls correspond to different consumer needs. If you want to treat her as a collection object, then expensive sex dolls can let you enjoy it, but if you treat her as a sex object, you always need her.

Accompany you momentarily, then you can choose an ordinary sex doll. These prices are very flexible, because you will inevitably cause wear during the use, if you use ordinary sex dolls, you will not be too careful, you can treat her as a friend of you, rather than a dare not touch Artwork.

Generally speaking, the price of a sex doll is between 1000 and 2000 US dollars, you can buy a full-size sex doll, this price range of the most diverse types of dolls. You can see that there are big breasted sex dolls, anime sex dolls, and Lolita sex dolls. These sex dolls are very cute and realistic. Most people buy dolls in this price range. The price of buying a sex doll is not expensive, and it can be used for a long time. The service life of a general sex doll is 6 years. On average, the price of your sex doll is only about $200 per year, and you can do it for less than one dollar a day. Having your sex doll for a long time is really exciting news! Therefore, the price of sex dolls is not very expensive, the price of buying a sex doll is about the same as the price of buying a computer. Not to mention that sex dolls can meet many of your sex requirements.


Four misunderstandings about sex dolls


My new sex doll feels like a second-hand sex doll

The difference between the new sex doll and the old sex doll is quite obvious. If you look closely, the used sex doll may feel a little loose on the opening, although it is impossible for everyone to notice it. You can also touch the skin of the doll. The skin of the doll is so elastic, but the skin of the doll will not be too soft when you first receive it. A new sex doll will feel tight and will become stiff under any grip because the material is still unused. Just like when you receive a new shoe you just bought, the material inside the shoe is still relatively hard. You need to wear the shoe for a while before the leather becomes softer and adapts to your foot shape. The skin of the sex doll is also the same, it is still relatively stiff at first, but if you rub it a few times and press it a few times, the skin of the doll will become softer, and the new sex doll will have a sense of tension.


 Four misunderstandings about sex dolls 

A new sex doll is opened directly from the box in its original form, and a used sex doll has already been unpacked and is likely to have been used. Therefore, it feels completely wrong. In fact, fanatical users of sex dolls obviously already know that second-hand sex dolls do not feel like new sex dolls at all.


Sex dolls look as unreal as inflatable dolls

Sex dolls are completely different from inflatable dolls. Inflatable dolls are the product of previous years. Now with the development of technology, the technology of sex dolls has been very advanced. It's hard to know whether she is a real person or not. You look far away and stand there like a real person. Many people who receive it will marvel at the real appearance of the doll, and some are even more real than they think, which is amazing.

The skin of the sex doll is almost the same as the real touch. She imitates the touch of a real woman. It is soft and elastic. Her beautiful skin does not have any flaws, you can see many details through these beautiful skin. And not every day you go online to find a sex doll and want it. A situation like this is right, yes, but in most cases, people want to attach specific functions to sex dolls.

For example, skin color, eye color or hair color may not be attractive to them. Or, they may wish to change their height or shape. What happens if you want your sex doll's chest size or ass size to be different from the displayed size? Customization is essential.

Four misunderstandings about sex dolls

The extreme rigidity of a new sex doll

People always think that you need something before the new sex doll becomes flexible and easy to turn over in many positions. Ok, test it multiple times, this is no wrong. The metal and steel rods inside the sex doll used for joints and bone networks are very flexible. In fact, once a new sex doll is received, it can even stretch in various ways in its new state. You don't have to spend some time making it flexible. Her skeleton uses the latest materials, flexible and changeable, no matter you use any posture, she can make it. And you don't need to worry about the doll's fatigue, you can fix her in one place and use it, she won't make any complaint.

The sex doll is a very cute existence. With her, you have the world. The whole \world can be seen in front of you, you are the only master of full size sex dolls. Here, you are like a god, and you can listen to sex dolls if you have any troubles. She will tolerate everything for you and bring you more warmth. Now you can buy your most loyal partner at a cheap price, why not try it? Your concerns do not exist. If you have any questions about dolls, we are very happy to answer them for you.

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