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Father and son spend $15,000 to own seven solid dolls

July 27, 2020


To be honest, the price of a sex doll is not cheap. When you buy a full-size sex doll, it often costs a certain amount of money. Most sex dolls cost 1,000 to 2,000 US dollars, and of course there are even higher prices. Therefore, many doll lovers will only buy a sex doll. One reason is that the storage of the doll takes up a lot of space. Another reason is that the doll consumes a lot of money. Maintaining a sex doll is also a considerable income. But the father and son of a family in Guizhou actually own seven real size sex dolls , let's take a look at the wonderful experience of their father and son and sex dolls!

 solid dolls

Li Chen started buying sex dolls

There is an uncle in Guizhou called Lichen, who is 58 years old this year and is a freelancer. His wife divorced his son when he was 5 years old. Since then, he has raised his son Yangyang alone. Later, Li Chen fell in love with his new girlfriend again, but unfortunately, they also ended in failure. The love between the two finally broke. He started to no longer believe in love,

In 2010, Li Chen saw a beautiful doll for the first time. He accidentally saw a beautiful physical doll, and he was moved because there was no one in the family. When the son went to school every day, he was lonely alone, and he had no siblings, so he wondered whether he wanted to buy a doll and go home. At that time, the idea of buying home was born. Later, his son went to school every day, and Lichen, who was lonely, often stayed at home alone, so he bought the smallest doll to accompany him and added new members to the family.

Many people buy sex dolls for sex in the first place. There are many reasons. Some men do not have girlfriends, and some men's girlfriends cannot satisfy their sexual addiction. Many people think that the only function of dolls is sex, in order to give people a more real sex experience. Because the physical doll has bones and muscles just like a real person, the adult sex function is also retained, but Lichen has never used it. For them, these dolls are their family members. They will give birth to the doll and celebrate...the silicone will age when the doll's oil is out. If you find out where the oil is coming out, you can make some powder at that place. There are seven complete dolls in the family, which cost about 100,000. Li Chen often dresses them up, takes pictures, shoots MV...

Father and son spend $15,000 to own seven solid dolls

Lichen has also gradually gained a new understanding of physical dolls. He said that the physical dolls are like real people. They have skin with bones and are very realistic, but they need to learn how to maintain them. If the doll is oily, it needs to be powdered and washed regularly to keep it clean. He will even go to the Internet and related exhibitions to contact more physical dolls. Lichen is no longer playing games all day long, this kind of life cannot find goals and pursuits. Because of the existence of the sex doll, Li Chen began to regain confidence in life. In addition to accompanying his son, a lot of his time is spent on getting along with sex dolls. Life seems to have become more beautiful. Sex dolls make people who have been disappointed regain their desire for life.


Li Chen gave his son a sex doll

In this way, Lichen bought more and more physical dolls. In his son's adult year, Lichen gave a doll to his son as a gift to celebrate with the dolls. Li Chen hopes that his son can use the doll as an adult product, and does not want his son to find a woman to marry home as his wife in order to solve his own problems.

The time is up now, Lichen has 7 silicone girl dolls , he and his son often dress up the dolls, go out in the sun, and take pictures together. Treat them as family members.

His son Yangyang said that he just treated them as younger sisters. He felt that they needed his care and were relatives who grew up with him. "Everything is born with a meaning of'her'. And the birth of my sister is that I want to take care of her."

Yangyang's mother also called her son after seeing news reports, admonishing her son not to learn from his father and not to learn from this perverted behavior. Yang Yang was also very angry about this. He felt that his mother only regarded the doll as an adult product... Yang Yang said that the doll has the shortcomings of'her', but the real person also has shortcomings, but the doll will never betray him. Li Chen and his son Yangyang were betrayed, and they couldn't stand the feeling of betrayal. They feel extremely lonely and lonely in their hearts. Deep down in their hearts, they need someone's company. They pursue not only material desires, but also spiritual satisfaction. What they pursue is the long-term company of the family, not the short-term physical pleasure. Otherwise, why do they spend so much money to buy so many sex dolls, these sex dolls are like family members.

Father and son spend $15,000 to own seven solid dolls

A new life of Li Chen and Yangyang

Whenever there is a chance, Lichen will bring a physical doll with his son to participate in the comic show, which attracts the attention of many people. Li Chen said that in his heart, the doll is alive. Sometimes I drove a long-distance car alone, with the doll sitting in the co-pilot, as if someone was accompanying me. Regarding the hype mentioned by the outside world, Li Chen didn't care, "No need to respond, the more you explain, the more you can't make it clear." Li Chen's psychology is strong enough, because the sex doll has been silently supporting them behind. They are not in the opinion of the unexpected world. No matter whether the external comments are good or bad, Lichen's mentality is very safe. Because after experiencing the multiple blows of life, you will find that many things begin to become simpler. Many things that you cared about before are not worth mentioning later, and you can now deal with things that once made you sad.

Li Chen feels that people who use dolls as adult products are also normal, much more normal than people who treat people like them as abnormal, full of morals but not in line with reality. This is a normal state of society. Many people have known sex dolls, and they desire to have a sex doll, but due to the pressure of public opinion in society, they feel that sex dolls are not a normal thing. So their thinking is also distorted by this abnormal thinking. They dare not follow their inner desires to buy a favorite sex doll, but they swear to those groups who have already purchased sex dolls to satisfy their regret that they can't own a sex doll, so as to obtain emotional satisfaction. But in essence, their hearts are still very empty, and they cannot dare to look directly into their hearts like Li Chen. Get spiritual satisfaction.

Father and son spend $15,000 to own seven solid dolls

Li Chen said that in his heart, these dolls are alive. Sometimes I drove a long-distance car alone, with the doll sitting in the co-pilot, as if someone was accompanying me. Lichen now plans to start a business selling physical doll costumes. The father and son said that they want more dolls to show the most beautiful side. Lichen and Yangyang started a new life, each life has its meaning, Lichen found its meaning in life, and regained confidence in life. We should give more encouragement and support. Everyone is an independent individual. They have not made any anti-social behavior.

They look directly at people who are looking for light in a dark society. This is also the meaning of sex dolls, they can not only meet your sex needs, she can also help you to abandon the suffering in life, she can give your soul a place to inhabit. If you are also looking for your soulmate sex doll, welcome to contact us, we will make a worlds best sex doll for you . You can also customize your own sex doll and make your sex doll your family! She will always accompany you like a shadow and will always comfort you.

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