Exquisite sex doll has become a work of art

Exquisite sex doll has become a work of art

June 30, 2020

When Duchamp puts a toilet at the art exhibition, it may cause some controversy, because this is an incredible thing. But we can't help but ask ourselves, what is art? What can art bring us? Today, with the development of technology, more and more sex dolls have been developed. These realistic sex dolls are very similar to human skin and can pose in many different poses, making people unable to extricate themselves.

Exquisite sex doll has become a work of art

Can sex dolls become works of art

Sex dolls become a work of art, which is really incredible. But from its essence, the sex doll is a work of art. When people in Greece carved various bodies from stone, they showed the vitality and tension of life, showing the original simplicity and beauty. The same is true of sex dolls nowadays. They have been carefully processed to simulate the human body extremely. These sex dolls are also very beautiful. Every detail of her body shows an irresistible beauty, just like an enlarged craft.

It's just that she has more functions. We usually look at the beauty above us, but we are not by our side. The toilet is a kind of beauty, and Duchamp even gave it a nice name, called: Fountain. So there is no limit to art. As long as we feel beautiful, it is an art. The sex doll is just because her function is relatively private. Many people regard it as an untouchable topic. Few people publicly praise how beautiful their appearance is. The sex doll has suffered too many stigmas. These are all one. An irresistible thing.

A leaf can be beautiful, a flower can be beautiful, and even the roots of the tree can be made into works of art. But can't it be the object of beauty as a replica of a noble person? There is no doubt that sex dolls are very delicate and beautiful. We cannot resist their beauty, just as we cannot resist the smile of Mona Lisa. It looks very good. She is a real object, but we can't just use it as an object. Every individual love doll can play many social roles. As long as you want her to become a role, then she can become a role. She can be a beautiful wife, a sexy lover, or a confidant who is good at listening. Everything changes according to your needs.

 Exquisite sex doll has become a work of art

Trying to make sex dolls into works of art

The 40-year-old Japanese company "Oriental Industry" wants to "rectify the name" of inflatable dolls, so that they can get rid of the "indecent" image and let people regard them as "art works". According to a report by the Japan Times on the 5th, the way for "Dongfang Industry" to "declassify" inflatable dolls is to make them more beautiful and more realistic.

According to reports, Tokyo-based "Oriental Industry" now employs 26 employees, including makeup artists and face engravers, many of whom graduated from art schools. The inflatable doll made by the company has a removable head and genitals, the skin feels soft, the joints are very flexible, and the hair comes from a real person. Their craftsmanship is particularly sophisticated. Every detail of her body is clearly visible. You can see that their body is irresistible. Their body has no flaws, just like it is made of high-grade silk, and you can look closely at their hair.

The hair of these Japanese sex dolls are not wigs, but real human hair. Manufacturers collect human hair and plant them on the doll's head one by one. This will consume a lot of labor, but these efforts are visible, and her appearance is significantly different from ordinary sex dolls. She is like an enlarged Barbie doll.

"Since 2001, we have used silicone resin to make dolls and made the dolls more realistic through facial plasticity and make-up, etc. Using higher-quality materials has made us take a big step forward." "Oriental Industry" company representative big mouth Smooth said. The prices of these dolls range from 260,000 yen to 680,000 yen.

Sex Doll Art Exhibition

On May 20 this year, the "Oriental Industry" held a three-week exhibition at a gallery in Shibuya, Tokyo to celebrate the company's 40th anniversary. Visitors were said to be 10,000. "There are more women than men, there are young people and elderly people...I think they came because of the reputation of our dolls for their "beauty". We want to wash away the "stigma" of sex dolls," Yamaguchi said. 


 He believes that the art world will definitely help people change their attitude towards inflatable dolls, "Many customers are people over 40 years old, but we also have 20-year-old young customers. For some photographers, hiring models will be more expensive, they can Use these dolls to take pictures, and some customers use them for store display."

Exquisite sex doll has become a work of art 

This art exhibition is likely to help us watch sex dolls and learn more details about sex dolls. After all, the times are progressing, and what we see may not always be reality. We may have been blinded by the cognition of previous years. We can see that in the past few years, many sex dolls were made of some inferior quality plastic, which is very fake, not realistic at all, and even looks a bit scary.

Reminiscent of her role is to satisfy people's passions. Like a prostitute. The society does not give a comprehensive look. Some even buy some sex dolls in the soil, which looks very dirty. Some people just throw the sex dolls into the river and the sex dolls float on the water. Obviously, sex dolls are treated as general household waste. It looks like the doll is like a rat in a sewer.


Exquisite sex doll has become a work of art

The sex doll has a lot more than just a sex doll, she is more like a friend, a companion, companionship by our side. We should face up to the function of sex dolls. Yamaguchi said that some customers write blogs to record their "life" with dolls. For some widowed 70- to 80-year-olds, having such an inflatable doll around will make them feel better. After all, Japan's aging problem is already very prominent.

High-quality sex dolls are like real people. Every place of her is like a pearl of polished pearls, which emits a charming light. We marvel at their wonderful posture. Full-size sex dolls are also an unforgettable existence, and now sex dolls are becoming more and more refined and more and more like artwork. Many people have to admit that the existence of sex dolls is already a work of art, and her elaborate craftsmanship makes people unbearable to destroy this beauty. If you want to find these beautiful artwork sex dolls, then you are in the right place, and you will see countless possibilities in them. You can also spend more good time with her.

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