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Evaluation-WM doll

November 11, 2020

WM doll is a big brand sex  doll in China. The dolls of WM brand are sold all over the world, and more and more baby friends buy it. Now, let us look at its past, present and future.

wm  Asian female long brown hair sex doll


WM Doll is a sex doll manufacturing company located in Guangzhou, China. WM Doll has many years of experience in doll production, and is well-equipped with skilled technicians. WM Doll has an official website for online purchase, promotion and marketing. As the largest sex doll distributor in the UK, WM Doll has established a wide customer base around the world.
WM dolls use materials that are safe for the environment and humans to make realistic dolls. Most of the dolls are made of TPE material, but also a small amount of silicone material.

 WM European Bronze blonde bikini sex doll

Distributor of WM

WM Doll is China's largest producer of silicone and TPE sex dolls. There are many authorized doll sellers on its website. All sex dolls on WM Doll are made from scratch using a step-by-step professional method, and the effect is excellent. If you bought it from the WM Doll website, please rest assured that you bought the doll directly from a professional manufacturer. They all have a good reputation in the industry and their quality can be guaranteed.
WM Doll allows customers to customize sex dolls according to their preferences. Therefore, you can choose the doll's size, height, chest size, butt size, skin color, eye color, wig color and nail color. You can also determine which material should be used.
WM dolls provide you with the largest selection of sex dolls. Most importantly, you can choose accessories for your doll, such as a wig. Some dolls have a removable vagina for easy cleaning after use. Others have detachable penises, suitable for those with shemale fantasies and obsessions.

WM silver-haired big-chested sportswear sex doll

 Logistics transportation

WM Doll has a clear transportation policy for sex dolls. They provide free worldwide shipping for all sex dolls. Except for certain countries/regions with strict regulations, the company prohibits the sale of products to them. (Middle East, Africa, South America and parts of Asia.)
The price you see is the price you paid; there are no hidden fees. WM Doll handles taxes and customs fees in all receiving countries.
Due to the complexity of the doll making process, the production process may take longer, and you can receive the doll within three weeks after placing the order. Although this may seem long, it cannot be compared with the quality and service of the final product.
Transportation is done through FedEx, UPS and TNT express services, and the service hours are from 9 am to 6 pm. The shipping box is brown and light colored to protect your confidentiality as much as possible.

WM Japanese pure short hair sex doll

After-sales service

The WM doll return policy is outlined in a simple way. After placing an order, you have 24 hours to cancel the order. After that, production will start and cancellation is not allowed.
WM dolls will thoroughly inspect all sex dolls before shipment. Our warehouse also conducts a quality test on the dolls before shipping them to you. Seeing that the doll is made according to your instructions, you will receive the exact items ordered.
The return of sex dolls is not allowed at all.
After you receive the doll, you must check whether your doll is in good condition. Any problems should be reported within 24 hours. If it has any defects, WM Doll will fix it for you. If the damage cannot be repaired, WM Doll will ensure you get a replacement. They will be responsible for shipping costs, repair costs and the cost of sending it back to you free of charge. Your satisfaction is very important to WM Doll.
The important thing is that you must carefully maintain and maintain the sex doll to get the best service. If your doll is damaged due to rough or improper use, even if you only use it for one day, you will have to bear the full cost of repairing or buying back a new doll.

Strong woman with yellow skin and blue eyes sex doll

Recommend wm doll reason

WM Doll has been in business for a long time, and there are many positive reviews on the Internet. Their sex dolls are of high quality, fair prices and fierce competition. Their sex dolls are very diverse and all-encompassing. Buying from WM Doll not only provides you with quality assurance, but also allows you to recoup the value. WM Doll is China's largest sex doll manufacturer, with only professional and qualified employees. In addition, it has exported more than half of the sex dolls in the world. Therefore, the "Real Sex Doll" review group highly recommend it!

WM elves pure lovely sex doll

From the above point of view, the upward trend of WM dolls is unstoppable, and there is a lot of room for future development. Friends who are interested can find out.

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