Essential skills for living with sex dolls |

Essential skills for living with sex dolls

November 04, 2020

Many people buy sex dolls just to express their desires. They don't understand the dressing and grooming of dolls, and they haven't even carried out the cleaning work carefully and scientifically. As you can imagine, if you don't clean the dolls carefully and scientifically, they will get dirty. The end is the user’s responsibility; if you don’t know how to buy clothes or dress, you can look at the same clothes and skirts every day. If the doll is put on other clothes, it can maintain a longer sense of freshness. Help her put on everyday clothes and you will feel warm. If you wear erotic underwear, it will stimulate sexual desire, and different makeup will make you feel like changing your girlfriend every day, right? I will share my suggestions below.

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1. How to buy clothing

First, we must know the size of doll clothes. Normally, you can find the size of the doll on the pages of websites and online stores. Then buy clothes according to your own preferences (but don't buy clothes that are easy to fade or darken, and it is not easy to dye the doll) Of course, we must also match the clothes, otherwise the doll looks ugly, try to choose some versatile clothes.

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2. Dress up and makeup

For men, this is a meticulous job and must be patient. Of course, for those who can paint, it's very simple. If you are an ordinary person, you should browse the tutorial online honestly and practice it yourself. , Which not only increases your patience, but also allows you to experience the feeling of nurturing. If you have a baby girl in the future, you will have experience in caring for others.

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3. How to clean your doll

First of all, we must know what material the doll is

Are your toys made of elastomer or latex? These porous materials are more sensitive to temperature than non-porous toys, which means they may deform if exposed to too much heat. If the toy vibrates, wipe it with a warm, damp soap cloth. If it does not vibrate (or vibrate, but is waterproof), run the toy in warm water and wash the towel with soapy water.
Is your elastomer toy specially made from a skin-like mixture? Do the same with the toys listed above, but do not expose them to too much soap. This may damage the material, causing it to lose the well-known beautiful skin-like texture.
Are your toys made of ABS plastic? Just like elastomer or latex toys, if it vibrates, you can wipe it with a damp cloth and mild soap. If it does not vibrate, you can rinse it with water and mild soap. (Or, if it vibrates but happens to be waterproof.)
Is your toy made of soda lime glass? This glass may be sensitive to temperature (which is part of the reason why it is so interesting during sex). The method of washing soda lime glass toys is the same as the method of washing latex or elastomer toys.
Is your toy made of borosilicate glass, silicone or metal? You can use mild soap and warm water or a damp soapy cloth to clean these toys, just like the toys above. In addition, if your borosilicate glass, silicone or stainless steel toys do not vibrate, you can boil them for 3 to 4 minutes to completely sterilize them. It is recommended not to use sex toys made of boiling gold, as many of them are only gold-plated and may contain other materials. In addition, although some people recommend that you wash these toys in the dishwasher, they are not recommended because the dishwasher will leave soap residue. At present, the most widely used material is TPE. Let's talk about dolls made of TPE.

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General maintenance

We recommend oiling TPE dolls 3-4 times a year. Don't refuel until
If necessary, apply a small amount of Vaseline/Vaseline Jelly to high pressure areas such as knees, groin, and openings.
Before long storage, spread flour on the doll.
Please do not use alcohol or silicone products, such as lubricants, wipes and perfume products.

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Our five most common cleaning tips

1. Use male or female condoms during sexual intercourse.
2 If possible, buy dolls with removable vaginal inserts to facilitate cleaning.
3. For a fixed vagina, please use a fan or insert a tampon to help dry.
4. When using powder or oil, it is best to put the doll down first.
5. For local cleaning, it is very suitable to use a small spray bottle. Mix with soap.

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Prepare cleaning tools

Comb (Provided)
Sulfate-free soap or mild liquid soap and Water
Vaginal douche (provided)
Soft cloth (ideally microfiber) or sponge
Wipe dry with a soft towel or chamois cloth. 
Powder (cornstarch/flour or baby powder)
Mineral baby oil. 

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How to clean sex dolls?

First use a soft towel to remove excess lubricant or body fluids.
Remove the vaginal insert (if applicable). 
Remove the wig and clean it separately.
The insert can be washed in antibacterial warm soapy water in the sink and allowed to air dry thoroughly. 
For a complete doll-place the doll on a towel on the bed and use a (preferably sulfate-free) mixture of soap and clean warm water in a spray bottle, gently massage the skin of the doll with your hands, or wipe it with a clean sponge.
The safest way is to lay the doll on a towel, spray water and then wipe, but if you are confident to bear the weight of the doll and enjoy the fun of kicking water, please see below.
You can shower or bathe the doll, if you take care of the "skeleton" for example, don't let the neck or head be too wet. This is to prevent damage to the "skeleton" and potential mold. If you find it easier, you can also cover the metal area with a plastic bag, or make sure that, for example, the feet (with metal bolts) are removed from the bathtub. …
Wet dolls are slippery-a plastic stool in the shower is safer than standing. 
Do not use abrasive soaps or any other conventional cleaning products.
Do not use hard sponge or wire brush, otherwise it will cause damage. 
The easiest way is to dry the doll on a towel on the bed. 
Tip: Try to spread your legs and use a small fan to speed up drying.
Do not place the doll to dry near an open flame or radiator. 

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Strictly prohibited

Do not immerse the doll's head in water at any time.
Do not use abrasive soaps or any other harsh cleaning products.
Do not use rough materials or hard/sharp objects. 
Do not put too much pressure on the skin or bones.
Do not use hair dryers or any other heating devices on the doll.
Do not try to increase the drying speed by approaching a radiator/stove or any other heating device. (Cool fans will succeed)
Do not use perfumes because they contain very dry alcohol
Do not use baby wipes.
Do not use any solvents unless maintenance is recommended. 
Do not use silicone-based lubricants/products. 
Unless you check the color fastness, do not wear dark clothes or store them in dark clothes, for example, soak them in a basin repeatedly until the water becomes clear and the dye stops flowing. 

The scientific use of sex dolls will make your sex partners longer and more beautiful and exquisite. I hope that the suggestions of the editor will help you.

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