Essential guide for traveling with sex dolls |

Essential guide for traveling with sex dolls

January 18, 2021

Regarding sex, many people can talk about it openly, especially with friends who have the same hobby. They often talk about various sex-related issues, such as sexual frequency, sexual posture, sexual ability, etc., and even discuss buying sex dolls together etc. Sex dolls have become an indispensable thing for some men, and even some men regard realisitic sex dolls as their partners, and they often bring them wherever they go.

However, as a kind of sex doll, its body is very stiff, and it is very inconvenient to move and carry. Especially some friends want to travel and it is very inconvenient to carry the sex doll, but they still want to bring their partner with them. travel. The experience we summarized at this time is very useful. They can make your travel more enjoyable.

sanhui doll

Size of doll

Because the size of the doll you buy is different, the method used is also different.

 If your doll is small and belongs to a mini doll, then you can pack her up and put it in the suitcase.

 If your doll is like those large sex dolls of human height and size, it should be transported directly to the chosen destination.

You also need to consider the travel destination. Some countries do not accept sex dolls. Therefore, please check the rules and regulations of the place before traveling with any sex doll.

When packing your luggage, try to reduce some unnecessary things, reduce weight, and carry some light clothing, because the temperature cannot be felt when the doll.

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How to travel with my sex doll?

Before traveling with a sex doll, the first step you should take is to search for some information about the country or state you are going to. Now, the online platform allows you to enter any kind of query about whether to carry a sex doll on vacation. Some countries/regions with strict sex laws may refuse your request to bring a sex doll on your journey.

If the country you are traveling to allows you to use sex dolls, then it’s time to pack them. It is important to choose a sex doll with a smaller size, because larger sex dolls are difficult to pack. Choose a smaller sex doll,
When you plan to take the doll out to play together, you should protect the doll and try to wrap her exposed skin, because there is more dust in the air outside. When taking photos or other metaphors to expose the skin, then you can take off the protective equipment.

After arriving at the destination, when visiting the beautiful scenery, try to choose places with few people, which can not only take beautiful photos, but also prevent damage to the dolls. It’s easy to knock the doll over in crowded places, so try to choose attractions with fewer people.

I spent a pleasant day outside with the doll. After returning to the hotel, you may find that despite the serious protection of the doll, you may still get some dust. You can clean it up with olive oil or doll cleaner. Try not to get wet.

ElsaBabe doll

Traveling with sex dolls is a troublesome but happy thing. Only if you have patience, then traveling is definitely not boring, and even very enjoyable.

Sex dolls can not only solve your physical needs, but also ease or even solve your psychological needs. Companionship is the most true long-term love. To buy a sex doll that suits you, please contact us.

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