Do you properly wear a delicate costume for sex dolls |

Do you properly wear a delicate costume for sex dolls

July 18, 2020


As the saying goes, clothing is another face of a person, and sex dolls are the same. A key element of a sex doll's beauty is the delicate clothes. And the doll's feeling will change with the clothes. But do you know how to dress your sex doll? Is your posture to dress your sex doll correct? All these require us to keep thinking?

Do you properly wear a delicate costume for sex dolls

Why should you put on different costumes for sex dolls

Many people think that putting on a sex doll is a superfluous thing. The clothes of a sex doll will eventually need to be taken off, so it doesn’t matter what she wears. But this is a wrong idea. When you use sex dolls as a tool to vent your desires, you do not have too deep feelings for her. Then the process of making love between you will lack realism. Your sex experience with sex dolls will also be greatly reduced. Why not treat her as your girlfriend? You can change her into beautiful clothes, her body is usually very perfect, they can all show her unique beauty.

Usually, when you buy a life-size tpe silicone sex doll, the seller usually prepares a sexy lingerie set and wig for your doll as a gift. However, if your doll wears the same suit every day, it is easy to cause visual fatigue. It will need to buy different sexy clothes for your favorite super real high quality tpe love doll to bring you different freshness. People always like to pursue fresh and exciting things, and many beautiful things lie in her constant change. The change of sex dolls can bring you more passion and desire, which is quite worth studying.

Do you properly wear a delicate costume for sex dolls

Buying different clothes for dolls is also a phenomenon of spiritual interaction. You buy clothes for your sex dolls, which is with an excited mood. You think of your sex doll as your girlfriend. She likes to wear beautiful clothes, and you put on her favorite clothes for her, so she is very happy. You also buy sex dolls accessories such as jewelry for her. Because you are her master, you have the power to change your sex doll into the image you like.

It is actually a very tedious thing for sex dolls to maintain the same image for a long time, because when you look at the same thing every day, you will gradually lose the passion for love. Although you will feel that it is a part of your life, it is difficult for you to get excited for her. So what's the point of buying sex dolls? You spend so much money naturally is hoping that sex dolls can bring you more passion and tease your desires. If this function no longer exists, then you spend so much money in vain.


How to choose suitable clothes for sex dolls

After we know that we need to put on proper clothes for sex dolls, how or where to buy clothes for love dolls is a new problem. It is very difficult to buy sex dolls for real people, not to mention virtual sex dolls, which is not an easy task. Before buying clothes, first figure out the details of the sex doll, such as height, bust, waist and hips. That can help you buy the right clothes for Love Doll. If you don’t know, the best way is to ask the doll seller, or measure it yourself. Another method is to log in to the page where you buy sex dolls and click on the details page of the specific doll you bought. At this time, many parameters about sex dolls will appear. On the sex doll page, this sex doll is usually not just wearing a dress, and some will also dress up. You can refer to the sex doll clothes we gave and choose to buy. You can also buy sex dolls according to your preferences. After all, sex dolls are meant to serve you in the end. If you can feel happy, sex dolls will be very happy.

Do you properly wear a delicate costume for sex dolls

From the data point of view, for sex dolls with a height of less than 150cm, even the smallest adult sexy underwear can only be suitable for people with a height of more than 150cm and a height of less than 150cm. These minimum-sized clothes will look very large on the doll, and such unsuitable clothes will make the sex doll less attractive. If you want to wear adult sexy clothes for her, it is difficult to buy this height. But there is another way to solve the problem, that is, you can buy children's swimwear for dolls.

For people over 150 centimeters tall, when buying clothes for sex dolls, you will have more choices, just like buying clothes for girlfriends or real women. But the problem you need to consider when buying children's clothes is that some children's clothes can't match the sex doll's body. If your sex doll is a small breasted sex doll, then you can choose the children's clothing to love the doll at will. But if your sex doll seems to be a big boobs girl, you need to think carefully. You need to consider whether your sex doll can put on the clothes you buy. Especially some big-boobs sex dolls, some of their breasts are like a balloon, it is difficult for you to buy suitable clothes for him.

So when faced with this situation, the most suitable solution is to customize the doll's clothes. This is the easiest way, you do not need to spend too much time to choose clothes suitable for the sex doll body. The tailor will customize the most suitable clothes according to the size of the sex doll, but this has a big disadvantage, that is, the custom-made clothes are generally more expensive, because it is not mass-produced, and the labor value of this clothes is relatively high of. If your budget is limited, you can’t buy too much of this custom sex doll costume.

 costume for sex dolls

What you also need to know is that for real sex dolls with sexy life-size, they have perfect body, such as small waist but huge butt, big boobs but long legs and shorter upper body. This means that her waist is smaller than usual women and her legs are longer than usual women, she will be more suitable for short T-shirts or skirts. The T-shirt will look especially good for your sex doll. You can see that her chest is very full, and her long legs are more attractive and delicate under the cover of a short skirt.


How to dress sex dolls correctly

Dressing here is not simply dressing, but involves a series of processes. This process includes a full set of clothing, such as shoes are also included.

  • Before putting on clothes, first put powder on the body of the doll, so that the skin will be smooth and easy to dress.
  • Do not wear colored clothes for dolls, because silicone is oily. Once dyed, the color will penetrate into it and cannot be washed away, so it is best to wear white, pale pink or flesh-colored. This is very important, otherwise the beautiful beauty doll is not so perfect when dyed, which is very important.

Do you properly wear a delicate costume for sex dolls

  • When dressing the doll, put your hands behind, and do not put your hands up or forward.
  • Over-tight, long-sleeved, and one-piece clothes are not suitable for silicone dolls. They are not easy to put on, and it is easy to wear off the silicone skin. It is not recommended to buy.

Do you properly wear a delicate costume for sex dolls

  • Do not wear clothes with sharp design or decoration on the corners of the clothes, as well as brooches, sharp earrings, rings, etc. It is also best not to wear, there is a risk of scratching the doll.
  • The doll's socks should be worn to the bottom first, all piled on the toes, and then pulled up little by little. Don't suddenly pull the socks on your feet.

Do you properly wear a delicate costume for sex dolls

  • It is possible to wear earrings and nose rings. Use a needle to pierce the ears, nostrils and other parts to be worn, and then wear them. Remember not to use sharp objects such as knives or scissors to pierce your eyes, and do not pull jewelry after wearing to avoid silicone tearing.
  • It is best to remove the head of the real doll before putting on the clothes, and then install the head type before wearing the wig.

The above is the more detailed dressing process we have given, these are very scientific ways of dressing. You can try these methods to put on these nice clothes for your sex doll. This process is not difficult, you will even enjoy this process of dressing super-real sex dolls. Because she is very clever, she will change your posture in accordance with your posture, and you will get along more harmoniously. If you have any questions in the process of dressing the doll, please feel free to contact us!

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