Do you know why anime sex dolls appeared? |

Do you know why anime sex dolls appeared?

December 12, 2020

First understand the origin of anime


How did the term anime come from?

The term "animation" was first used in formal occasions. It was the inaugural issue of the mainland's animation information monthly magazine "Animation Times" in November 1998 [3]. This term was later spread through the "Manyou" magazine, and it became popular in mainland China due to its strong generality.
The emergence of the collective term "anime" is mainly due to the close ties between the animation and manga industries in Japan, so in the process of spreading Japanese animation and manga in China, a magazine such as "Animation Times" that integrates Japanese animation and manga consulting has appeared. [3] Therefore, "anime" was first used mainly by Japanese anime fans to refer to Japanese animation and manga. But with the development of China’s animation and manga industry, there have been more occasions for referring to China’s animation and manga.
Why do so many people like anime?
Why do more and more people like anime?
I believe some people will be surprised by this. Anime are just some fictional stories, very far away from our lives. Why are so many people obsessed with anime? In fact, to answer this question, we must first start with the feelings that anime brings us.
Generally speaking, animation works can bring us three levels of feelings, namely: 1. Emotional catharsis; 2. Emotional touch; 3. Belief.

sino sex doll

1. Emotional venting

Animation can help people vent their emotions. Many people need some channels to refresh themselves because of the pressure in their daily lives, to vent their usually suppressed emotions, so that their hearts can be released and satisfied.
Everyone’s personality is different, and the way they need to reduce stress is also different. Some people like to reduce stress by being happy, some people like to reduce stress by seeking excitement, and some people like to reduce stress by finding refreshment. Some animation works can help people release these emotions well.
For example, funny animation works are mainly to make people happy. The most classic is "Hundred Thousand Cold Jokes", which was very popular in the past few years. This work is full of hilarious paragraphs. The content is very short and concise with a lot of laughs.

2. emotional touch

Higher-level works can dig deeper into human nature.
The result of digging into human nature is that readers can be touched by the emotions expressed in these works. When readers appreciate these works, they will be moved and worried about the tortuous development of their plots, and they will feel sad for the tragic fate of their characters. The ending was wonderful and exciting from the bottom of my heart.
Animation works that can reach this level are generally unforgettable.
For example, "fate/zero" in previous years. This work has a very deep portrayal of human nature. Every character on the stage is very lively and real. Each of them has their own ideals and pursuits, their own lives and expectations, and their own regrets and tragedies.
Like the one among them, Kirito Uemiya, this character is full of pain and distortion. He has been struggling to pursue justice and peace in his heart. He believes in the smallest sacrifice in exchange for the greatest peace, but if the sacrifice is his own relatives, then he should How? Eimiya Kirito chose to sacrifice it.

3.The work can be believed by others

Yes, you read it right, it is faith. You might say, are you stupid? An animation can actually make people believe? Personally think it is possible. why?
Although this paragraph is a bit funny, have we ever thought about what is faith in this paragraph? Where does faith come from?
This has to go back to the lowest level of human psychological mechanism to find the answer, but it is too long to elaborate. To sum it up in four words here, it is causality.

Because anime is so popular, anime sex dolls appeared. Next, we will talk about the appearance of anime sex dolls in detail.

JY sex doll

The emergence of anime sex dolls

Many people like sex dolls or even love them. They transfer the love in anime to themselves. They hope to live with her. Yes, you have heard that right. Living with anime is not a rare thing anymore. In today's society, more and more boys are now sex dolls, because it is too difficult to find a girlfriend in this society, and many people have a unique love for anime, so many people will choose an anime Sex dolls are by your side. They can not only solve your physical needs but also stay with you by your side. This is a very correct choice.

Gynoid sex doll

Popular sex toys in anime, cartoon and manga series. A hot anime girl always drives men crazy, full-size sex dolls can meet all the needs of men, anime characters can also break the dimensional wall and appear in your real life. Anime sex doll. They have exquisite faces and perfect figures, which can fully satisfy all our fantasies and needs. You can have sex with her, you can use various poses with her, as long as your body can stand it, you can be a groom every night.

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