Do you know the brand of real sex dolls? |

Do you know the brand of real sex dolls?

August 25, 2020

The concept of brand has a very long history since it appeared. Each different brand has its most lasting meaning, as well as its value and cultural personality. As different brands, they should have differences, which is the first condition that a product or service brand must meet. Their own products must be separated from other products in the same industry. For example, there are different brand doll suppliers in the doll Market. They come from all over the world, but at present, 90% of the real like doll suppliers are in China. They all pay attention to the overall use of safety, the purpose is to provide customers with safe and healthy sex dolls. The products provided by different brands of doll suppliers also have their own characteristics. They pursue and pay attention to the details of sex dolls, and get different feedback. However, the real dolls produced by different brands face different customer markets and produce different dolls. So do you know the brand of real sex dolls? If not, please read this article.

Do you know the brand of real sex dolls?


JY DOLL is a real sex doll supplier located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. It appeared earlier and was founded in 2012. It has eight years of experience in producing fashion models, in addition, he has many years of experience in making realistic dolls. What they use to make best sex dolls is a new type of environmental friendly polymer and other raw materials. This is a kind of rubber with high elasticity, high strength, high resilience, but also with the characteristics of injection molding processing. It has a wide range of hardness, excellent coloration, soft touch, weather resistance and temperature resistance. All the sex dolls are treated by high temperature harmless treatment, and all products conform to the relevant safety and environmental protection standards stipulated by the state, so as to ensure that the mature sex dolls received by the buyer are safe and harmless. For a more comprehensive experience of consumers, all sex dolls have built-in metal framework to keep long-term invariance, and can pose various postures and shapes within a certain range. JY DOLL are all Asian sex dolls with fair skin, large chest and buttocks, and most of them are between 135cm and 170cm in height. Almost every doll has its own character design, and each sex doll has its own specific identity. This allows consumers to have a deeper impression of each different doll when choosing dolls.

JY DOLL company has a rigorous and perfect design concept, making models and developing products. In September 2015, it participated in the Hong Kong Exhibition for the first time, but it was still in the development stage, and the number of products was not large. In November of the same year, he participated in the Shanghai exhibition, accumulated popularity and obtained suggestions from customers. In 2016, the new product "Qianyu" appeared in Beijing Exhibition. At the end of August of the same year, she participated in the Hong Kong Exhibition, and the new head of the doll "Missella" appeared. In 2017, Las adult products fair was the first time JY doll participated in the overseas exhibition, which was recognized by foreign customers. The progress of the enterprise is obvious to all.

Do you know the brand of real sex dolls?


6YE DOLL, the production company is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. The company has a strong technical research and development force, with high-quality professionals and advanced equipment. With excellent product quality and excellent cost performance. The material used to make the real doll is also TPE. In addition to ensuring the overall beauty, they also do not miss any details, nipples and areola are carefully designed. It ensures that a TPE sex doll can not only satisfy consumers visually, but also bring brand-new experience to consumers as far as possible. At the sex doll Club, 6YE DOLL are very popular. However, with the rapid development of 6YE DOLL, fake products appeared in the market. High imitation 6YE DOLL, which brings a lot of safety and health risks to consumers. But 6YE DOLL also quickly made a counterattack, the company pasted anti-counterfeiting logo on every baby out of the warehouse. This gives many consumers a lot of stability, no longer afraid to buy fake products.

Do you know the brand of real sex dolls?


QITA DOLL, it is a full size sex doll manufacturer based in Shenyang, China. It has a strong sales team and sculpture design team. This makes the face and makeup of QITA DOLL more delicate, compared with other manufacturers, QITA DOLL 's advantage lies in the embodiment of facial makeup, which is more lifelike. As mentioned in the previous blog post, Seoul's adoption of physical dolls as an audience has aroused heated discussion on the Internet, These "real dolls" are sponsored by QITA DOLL company, this makes QITA DOLL big step forward in publicity. The new product "Eve" launched in 2019 is closely watched. As a closed eye doll, the transmission of makeup and expression is nothing to say. Watching people will sigh, such a real expression is not really made by real people? In addition, QITA DOLL also have many elf sex dolls and Lolita sex dolls, each of which is an exquisite representative. But they never stop here, in order to meet the needs of customers' hobbies, they continue to innovate and research and development. Let's look forward to more of them.

Do you know the brand of real sex dolls?

These are three of the many real sex doll brands. If you want to know more, please pay attention to the blog of our official website. We will constantly update the real doll products and blog articles related to dolls, so that you can better understand the real doll. If you need to buy full size sex doll, please contact our customer service, we will introduce you the products you want, provide the best service, so that you have a good shopping experience.

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