Do you know that there is a family with a 100cm sex doll? |

Do you know that there is a family with a 100cm sex doll?

September 21, 2020

Sex dolls, when many people hear this term, they think it is a very erotic thing. Sex is the most basic needs of people. The doll is a human model. Is sex doll a kind of obscene object used to solve sex needs? In fact, many people think so. But the current world is no longer as feudal and fixed as before. Sex dolls are new things that are upgraded and evolved from inflatable sex dolls. So many people stubbornly think that sex dolls are the same thing as inflatable dolls. It can only be used to solve the sexual needs. But the sex doll is a kind of super-simulating sex doll. From visual to touch, it is not much different from real people. So although the current sex dolls are called sex dolls, they actually have the nickname of spiritual companion. It is not just a sex product, because of its extended storage time, the authenticity of its production materials, its overall sense of reality. This makes many people treat it as a real person, treat it as their spiritual partner, as their lost relatives, and so on. This family with a 100cm sex doll treats it like its own child. Let us listen to this story together.

Do you know that there is a family with a 100cm sex doll?

Before owning a 100cm sex doll

This family was originally a happy family. Beautiful mother, handsome father, and a 6-year-old cute daughter. The three of them live happily together. On this day, they are celebrating the 6th birthday of the little girl. But tomorrow and accidents, people never know which one will appear first. In their house, the accident happened earlier than tomorrow. On the 6th birthday of the little girl, my father took her to the place where she would record her height every birthday. Mark her height for her 6th birthday this year to exactly 100cm. Then she was taken to a lively birthday party, and everyone gave her pink gifts. There was also a pink toy car inside, just enough to accommodate her. All of them drank wine and talked to each other comfortably at her birthday party. She was the only one who didn't pay attention to her sitting in the corner and playing with toys.

Accident happened

She sat there alone playing with toys, and everyone including her parents thought it was a safe practice. Because they think the toy will not hurt her. She got on the pink toy car alone, and the remote control of the toy car was pressed on the bottom of the other toys. She got on the toy car and started it. At this time, the toy car crashed into the potted plant in the backyard of her house. The little girl was knocked over, and the smashed pot cracked and hit her on the head. The little girl's head became incomplete, and her breathing stopped. This scene stunned everyone present, and everyone couldn't believe what was in front of them. But this is how she left this wonderful world. Her parents have been unable to accept the fact that she left this world. They always feel that her beautiful and lovely daughter is still in the room at home, playing with toys in the toy pile alone.

Do you know that there is a family with a 100cm sex doll?

100cm sex doll

Because of the accident, there is also the love of the little girl's parents for their daughter. They decided to use the photos taken on their daughter's birthday to customize a life-size doll that looks exactly the same as her daughter. They think that by taking care of this little sex doll, they can alleviate a little guilt towards their daughter. In order to show respect and apologies, her parents and the manufacturer confessed that they don't need to put a vagina on this extraordinary mini sex doll. Such a 100cm sex doll is allowed in their local law, because it is not for pornography, but a spiritual companion. Although the little girl's parents later had another child, they still did not forget the 6-year-old little girl.

Do you know that there is a family with a 100cm sex doll?

Not all sex dolls can only have sex. Mini sex dolls can be used as loving as their own children. Mature sex dolls can be their confidantes and friends. Make life no longer boring. There are many buyers who want silicone sex dolls as their listeners or good friends, in order to show respect for this special friend. Will voluntarily say not to place the vagina. If the person around you has a real sex doll of his own, please don't look at him with colored eyes. The full-size sex doll is the best product of this era, it can solve people's sexual needs, it can also solve people's spiritual needs. So, please don't mind the life-size sex doll, because it is really a great product. If you need it, we can provide services for purchasing and customizing sex dolls.

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