Do you know muscular sex dolls? |

Do you know muscular sex dolls?

August 28, 2020

Hearing muscle sex dolls, many people think of King Kong Barbie. It's like the kind with a cute face, but the body is like a hunk, with big biceps and chest muscles like two hard buns. Eight packs of abdominal muscles are neatly arranged under the chest muscles. Plus a perfect mermaid line. Although some of the muscular sex dolls have such a figure, most of them are solid dolls with only slight abdominal muscles, and the other body parts are not much different. This is the case with female sex dolls, but if it is a male muscle sex doll, it will probably look like a hunk. So, don't think of a muscular sex doll as soon as you hear it, no matter what male or female it is, it is a big muscle figure. Do you know why the doll is classified as a muscle doll? What is the difference between muscle dolls and other types of dolls?

Male muscle sex doll

Male muscular sex doll, he looks like a man addicted to fitness. Male muscular sex doll, he looks like a man addicted to fitness. Compared to a thin man, he will look stronger and have a clearer figure.When it wear clothes, it make people feel it is very sensual, but it will look thinner when it take off its clothes than when it wear clothes. Studies have shown that thin men and muscular men appear at the same time, and muscular men will attract woman's attention even more. At the same time, studies have shown that muscular men have stronger sexual abilities. Therefore, it is normal for women to prefer muscular men. Making male sex dolls look like muscular men. For women who use male sex dolls, muscles are more likely to produce infatuation and admiration in the eyes of women, making it easier for women to secrete estrogen and dopamine in the early stage of sex. At this time, coupled with the large penis of the male doll, visually allows women to produce more pleasure in the process of experience, and it is easier to enter orgasm. Because women often experience different experiences due to man's penis length problems in their sexual life. If the penis is small and short, it reduces a lot of friction in woman's vagina and does not stimulate woman's orgasm points. This will make women feel that their vagina are not satisfied. In addition to not being physically satisfied, they will also be psychologically dissatisfied.

Female muscle sex doll

Girls with slight abdominal muscles tend to attract the attention of boys more easily. Because such women generally have hips. The prostitution that produces sex dolls has grasped this point and designed the female muscle doll's hips to be larger. This fascinates many male customers. Female muscular sex doll, big breasts, slender waist, abdominal muscles, vest line, buttocks. There is no place in combination that is not liked by men. When using a muscle sex doll for sex, using the front position, the male can see its big breasts, can grasp or suck its breasts, and can also see the cooperation between himself and the sex doll’s vagina, which produces more pleasure and makes Men secrete more male hormones during sex, and then last longer. If people use the back position, the way of entering its body from behind will allow men to see its more perfect figure. Although the chest is not visible, men can bend slightly forward to grasp the chest, which combines the feeling of hand to produce pleasure. The thin waist and big butt make men feel the thrill of hitting the buttocks better during the thrusting process, and they will also make an exciting impact sound. In the process, some men also like to slap woman's ass to satisfy their desire for control. This demand can only be met with full-size sex dolls.

Muscle sex dolls actually bring a little more visual impact to the experiencer, secrete body hormones faster, and generate excitement faster. Just like people with different addictions need different conditions to meet, foot fetish people like beautiful feet, breast lovers like big and stylish breasts and so on. Everyone wants a sex life with enough experience. When the sex life is not harmonious, the mood will also be affected, causing endocrine disorders in the body, and then causing physical effects. Therefore, if your sexual needs are not well met, you should find a solution first. Maybe sometimes the conventional methods make you feel too boring, you can also find other ways to find the original feelings. If you masturbate for a long time, this will not only affect your health, but also affect your sexual desire in the future. You can switch to using masturbation tools, which will make your sexual desire find a new starting point. If you use electric sticks or airplane cups for a long time, you can upgrade your masturbation tool to a real doll. If you have used a mature sex doll for a while and find it boring, you can replace it with a muscle sex doll, or an anime sex doll and a Lolita sex doll.

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