Do you know how to choose a sex doll's breast? |

Do you know how to choose a sex doll's breast?

August 13, 2020

Although both men and women have breasts. But many people think that the breast is the biggest symbol of women, and it is also the feminine thing that women show. In addition to the womb that nurtures life, breasts are the second most mysterious thing in a woman's body. The uterus nurtures life, and the breast nurtures life. Biologically, breasts are called the second major sexual characteristics of women. Entering puberty, man's penis begins to be majestic, while woman's breasts begin to be graceful. Boys in adolescence, hormonal spurts, sexual sprouts are born, mostly infatuated and admired by the raised breasts of girls. Some people say: breasts are not fat, that is a man's hope and dream. Maybe those who were bottle-fed when they were young, or those who were not able to get adequate and timely breastfeeding, would become obsessed with big breasted women when they grow up. This is what people who lack feeding in infancy desire but are often frustrated, so they will inevitably go after a big wave of women in adulthood to make up for the lack of infancy. When they suck big breasts, they can finally get the breasts that they can only wait passively in infancy. In this sense, men are obsessed with woman’s breasts and have nothing to do with pornography. It is the phenomenon of not weaning. Men, living in the world, are under a lot of pressure. Touching their breasts may be a way for them to relieve stress.

However, since childhood sex education has always emphasized that woman's breasts and lower body are the most secret places. For girls, not letting strangers touch secret body parts is a kind of self-protection. For men, not touching women is a kind of respect. Intentional or unintentional offense will constitute indecent assault. Therefore, when you see a big breasted woman, your impulse cannot be resolved in time. At this time, you should have a big breasted sex doll of your own. But do you know how to choose a lifelike sex doll that suits your own feelings?

Do you know how to choose a sex doll's breast?

Doll's breast size selection

There are many choices for the size of the real doll's breast size. Generally divided into: large breast sex doll, medium breast sex doll, small breast sex doll, flat breast sex doll,these types. Generally, sex dolls of different sizes will have different breast sizes. The busty sex doll, as the name suggests, her bust is super large, and the upper bust of the busty doll with a height of more than 150cm is usually 90-100. In reality, the chance of seeing this kind of bust is almost 1%,People who have breast augmentation dare not grow so big. Generally, people who have breast augmentation dare not make their breast surgery so big. So it can meet the requirements of all big breast lovers. The upper bust of a big breasted doll over 150cm is generally 80-95,This is the breast size of 65% of males. The upper bust of small breasted dolls generally ranges from 75-90. Flat-chested dolls are smaller on the basis of small-chested dolls, but the overall look and feel is not smaller than that of real people. Compared with many thin people, the doll's small breasts can almost be called big breasts. The breasts of the mini sex dolls are smaller than those of the mature milf sex dolls. That is to show the proportions of the best sex dolls more beautifully. Will not affect the use effect.

Do you know how to choose a sex doll's breast?

Doll's breast type selection

Most of the breast types of dolls are divided into three types: standard breasts, hollow breasts, and gel breasts. The standard breast is easy to understand. It is made of TPE or silicone material that completely fills the entire breast of the doll. No matter which breast material you choose, their overall touch will be stronger and heavier than the other two. Generally, buyers who don't have any special requirements for breasts will choose this type of breast because it has the disadvantage of not being soft enough. In terms of cost, it does not require additional processing fees. This is the most affordable kind of doll chest.

Hollow breasts are softer than standard breasts. By hollowing out the solid part of the breast, the solid silicone or TPE component is reduced, and air is filled in it. But because of this, the new part in the chest is hollowed out, so that the shape of the doll's chest will not be particularly fixed, which may cause sagging or degeneration. If you like super soft and elastic breasts that can be changed, it is recommended that you choose this kind of hollow breasts when customizing. But it will add some processing costs to the price of standard breasts.

There is also a gel breast. Gel breasts are the most comfortable and favorite kind of doll breasts.Because it is softer than standard breasts and has a more fixed shape than hollow breasts. It resembles the breast of a real person in touch and vision. This kind of gel breast actually has the function and feeling of body fat, which is particularly lifelike. Some breast augmentation will choose silicone gel prosthesis. If you are more after the texture of the chest, a doll of this material will make people feel more comfortable.

Do you know how to choose a sex doll's breast?


Women like tall and masculine men, and men like plump and beautiful women. This is a natural attraction to each other. "Men have only two attitudes towards female breasts",Genderologist Alex Alexander said in a feature article on female breasts in the magazine Vanity Fair:"One is intense interest, the other is crazy obsession". As for why men like breasts so much? His conclusion is: because that is the breast. The cultural context and productivity of different eras are completely different, and the mainstream aesthetics of female breasts, or figures, are also very different. For example, in contemporary Western society, the body orientation in black culture has completely affected young people. Not all men like big breasts, everyone has different preferences and aesthetics, but shape is what many men pursue. The doll's chest can always maintain a perfect curvature and shape without being damaged. If you want a big breasted sex doll, please go to our store to buy, our store provides all full-size sex dolls.

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