Do you know about transgender sex dolls? |

Do you know about transgender sex dolls?

September 22, 2020

Everyone is born unable to accept their own gender. But in this era, there is a small group of people who are not satisfied with their gender and will change their gender by choosing surgery. Transgender sex doll is a kind of sex doll that combines two genders, which can provide services for both men and women. To a certain extent, it can be said to save costs and fulfill more needs. Transgender sex dolls have always been controversial. Is its appearance a mistake? Transgender sex dolls, we should also treat them with a normal heart, not blindly use feudal psychology. In this world where new things are produced quickly, many things have two sides. If you only think from a single perspective, then many things appear wrong. But there is a saying: even if it exists, it is reasonable. So not everything that makes you uncomfortable shouldn't exist. This thing that makes you uncomfortable may be like a treasure in the eyes of others. But people should not be biased because of their dissatisfaction. This is true for transgender people, and the same is true for transgender sex dolls.

Do you know about transgender sex dolls?

The meaning of transgender

The biological sex is determined at birth, It is related to many biological characteristics, such as chromosomes, hormone secretion, and internal and external unplaning structures. Physiologically specify whether a person is male or female. Gender refers to social roles, behaviors, activities, and other characteristics that are considered suitable for men or women in a particular social culture. These affect people's behavior, interaction with others, and their own feelings. Gender will vary greatly due to different cultural influences. Therefore, a small part of people will choose to change themselves after being dissatisfied with their gender, and successfully change their gender. Live like you are inside. This is something that requires courage. Regarding one's own gender, making changes after careful consideration is also a kind of responsibility to oneself. The existence of transgender sex dolls is to provide a more comprehensive sexual service and allow users to get more experience. Both men and women can get unexpected quickness and pleasure from it.

Do you know about transgender sex dolls?

Use of trans sex dolls

Transgender sex dolls are sex dolls with bisexual characteristics. Their upper body can be male or female, but most of the things that exist on the market today are feminine. Looking at their lower body, their reproductive organs, in addition to the female vulva and vagina, also have a huge male penis. This may be an unacceptable thing for some initial contacts. But for veterans of sex dolls, this is a new thing that can make them excited for a long time. For men, transgender sex dolls can be used as ordinary women or ordinary mature sex dolls to have sex. You can have sex with this transgender sex doll through a variety of usual sex positions. But when you enter, you may be blocked by a huge dick. This huge penis can also be used by men for anal sex, which is also a particularly pleasant way of sexual intercourse. However, because the tissue wall of the anus is more fragile than the female vagina, you need to pay attention to the changes in your body's feelings during anal sex. Avoid injury to the anus.

For women, transgender sex dolls can be like ordinary male sex dolls. It has a very normal male penis and can perform sexual activities between men and women normally.Of course, this may make women feel uncomfortable, because sex dolls are relatively heavy and require a lot of effort to move them. For women, only the vulva can play a role in the vulva and vagina of a transgender sex doll. Just like in the pornographic images, in sexual intercourse between two women, apart from kissing and licking each other, there is also vulvar friction. Two women cross their legs and move with each other through the uneven surface of the vulva or pubic hair, thereby creating friction and creating pleasure. Transgender sex dolls can also provide this kind of sexual service to women through this principle. Therefore, the method and principle of using transgender sex dolls is as simple as the market. It combines both sexes and provides services that can be provided by both sexes.

Do you know about transgender sex dolls?

In addition, couples can also use transgender sex dolls to add some fun to sex on weekdays. Transgender sex dolls are a more humane product that allows people with gender needs to get better services. Through transgender sex dolls, buyers can acquire and possess more new knowledge or new skills in sex. If you need to buy a transgender sex doll, our mall has this product to provide. If you want an ordinary sex doll, our mall also has different brands and types of full-size sex dolls or sex doll torso to choose from.

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