Do women need a male sex doll? |

Do women need a male sex doll?

August 22, 2020

Sex is an important way for us to explore ourselves. Sex is part of providing quality of life and intimacy. Only by learning to treat sex with a normal mind can we obtain and enjoy the happiness brought by sex. Sexual pleasure is everyone's right, and sexual knowledge is also the knowledge that everyone must learn. It is not necessary for anyone to talk about sex freely and seriously. So for women, this is also a common thing, but when many women talk about sex, they will not dare to talk about it freely because of their shyness or shame. As a result, many women are afraid to look directly at their sexual needs and suppress themselves all the time. But they do not know that because of their self repression, the body or mind will unconsciously produce adverse effects on themselves. So when a woman is single or not satisfied with her husband, having a male sex doll is actually a good choice.

Do women need a male sex doll?

Woman's health

For women, sexual life is conducive to eliminate insomnia, reduce the occurrence of skin diseases, reduce premenstrual syndrome, slow down aging and so on. But in the absence of good protection and safety measures, women may cause a variety of gynecological diseases because of unsanitary. Although man's semen can play a key role in balancing hormone levels in women, it can reduce and prevent breast cancer. If men can not satisfy women well in sexual life, women will suffer from gynecological diseases or affect the recovery of original diseases. It's good for women to keep regular sex life and ensure health.

For single women or wives who can't be satisfied by their husbands in their sexual life, they often need a male sex doll, just as men need a curvy sex doll. In this way, their female hormone secretion can become normal, and the normal hormone secretion can maintain the youth and beauty of their faces. The symptoms of dysmenorrhea will be relieved when menstruation comes. If the hormone secretion is abnormal, the hormone will deposit in the body and affect the nervous system, easy to appear anxiety and irritability, and then affect family harmony. Abnormal hormone secretion will also lead to premature aging of women. Long term absence of sexual life will lead to coldness of sex, decline of sexual function, premature aging of ovaries and advance of menopause.

Do women need a male sex doll?

Frequency of sexual needs

Sexual life is also a need for regular and normative things. According to the influence of age on sexual ability, American scholars have summed up a formula of sex frequency. That is, sex frequency = 10 digits of age * 9. The 10 digits of the product are the time, and the single digit is the number of sexual intercourse during this period. For example, if you are 25 years old, then 2 * 9 = 18, in other words, under the premise of not affecting health and state, you can have 8 times of sex in 10 days. By analogy, after the age of 30, they can have sex seven times in 20 days. After the age of 40, you can have sex six times in 30 days. After the age of 50, you can have sex five times in 40 days. After 60, they can have sex four times in 50 days. To 70, 80 years old, also can carry on the sexual life appropriately, but should pay attention to the physical condition. It should be carried out under the condition of ensuring safety. In this regard, if you don't have a partner, for your own health. Men can use airplane cups or mature milf sex dolls to meet their physiological needs. Women may inhibit their own thoughts, but when the consciousness changes in the body mechanism, they should change to stop loss action in time and use male sex dolls. At this time, we should release our sexual desire and let ourselves devote ourselves to sex. At the same time, estrogen will be released to achieve the effect of decompression. All aspects of the body will have a new cognition.

Do women need a male sex doll?

The importance of male dolls

Sex is equally important to men and women. In a small-scale random survey, 25% of women choose to divert their attention when they have sexual needs, do something else to make you forget about your sexual needs. On the other hand, you choose to masturbate with your hand or with a masturbation tool. About 30% of women feel that although they have a high acceptance of masturbation tools, they still can't accept the use of props. But there are also women with different views. They say, "masturbation tool is just a tool. Why care so much? Just like people who use a thermometer when they have a fever, girls need to use curling tools when curling their hair. This is the same principle. Why care so much? " When asked if there was a male doll and a masturbation stick in front of you, which would you choose? "Wow, why do you need a masturbation stick when you have a male sex doll?" she said? A fool would choose a masturbation stick. With male sex dolls, it's really having sex with a man again, so I don't have to imagine myself having sex with a man. Although the only drawback is that you have to move yourself, it will consume more energy, I think.” From the answers of some women, we can see that in fact, women are still very eager for sex, but they will hinder face and rarely express their requirements for sexual needs. So if the economic strength of those women to a certain extent, there will still be many people choose to buy a male doll. Male sex dolls will be loved and purchased by more women in the future.

Do women need a male sex doll?

If, after reading the article, you have a new understanding of the need for sex, and understand that it is a bad behavior for you to restrain your sexual desire, and feel that you should make a change. No matter what kind of masturbation tool you choose, it's a good and wise choice for yourself. If you want to have a real sex doll of your own, our mall has many different full size sex dolls for you to choose from. I hope you can have a doll that makes you happy.

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