Do sex dolls feel real |

Do sex dolls feel real

July 01, 2020

In the modern era, interpersonal relationships in real life have become very chaotic. Interactions between people can also cause problems. You may have had some unpleasant experiences with different people. However, few people now have the opportunity to realize their true dream life. Few people are willing to change the status quo and can only constantly complain about the unhappiness in real life. As human beings, we must not compromise.


Do sex dolls feel real

 It can be seen that the sex doll has no troubles associated with it. It all depends on how much fun or time the person wants to use it. After completion, you can set it aside without causing confusion, which not only guarantees your physical health but also reaches your physiological climax. Now many people start to buy some sex toys, but before buying, they can't help but ask themselves, do these female sex dolls feel real? Does her appearance look too fake? You don’t have to worry about this, because some people have used it and even said: after using sex dolls, you don’t want to have sex with real women anymore.


Real skin

The skin of a sex doll is almost the most important part of the body. The first thing we see when we have a sex doll is that her skin is not like a real person. When making sex with a sex doll, the biggest part of our contact with her is The skin of the sex doll, we are almost always attached to the skin of the sex doll, and her vagina also needs to be made of simulated and comfortable materials, so that it will bring you a more authentic and beautiful experience.

With the development of science and technology, more and more materials have been developed. They are very suitable for the production of dolls, such as silicone and TPE. These two materials are the two most widely used materials on the market. If you want to pursue a more authentic and advanced touch, you can also choose other materials, such as platinum silicone, organic silicone, platinum tpe, jelly tpe, etc. These are very realistic simulations of real women's skin.

Even more amazing is that now dolls can also implant hair on the skin, making the skin more like human skin. If you like women with more body hair, then this can definitely satisfy your experience. The skin of the doll has pores just like humans, very human-like. Recently, a new type of technology has been introduced, which is to heat the skin of the doll. Customers who bought the doll before have complained that it is too cold when holding the doll in winter, just like holding an ice cube.


Do sex dolls feel real 

Later, the doll has a built-in heater, which can keep the skin temperature of the doll at 36 degrees Celsius, which is the same as the normal female skin temperature. In this way, you can turn on the heater in the winter to avoid the torture of the cold, turn off the heater of the doll in the summer, you can feel the coolness of the summer when you hug her, we can do it cool in winter and warm in summer.

Flexible skeleton

The skeleton of the high-quality sex doll uses the most flexible material, you can bend the body of the doll at will, and place it according to your favorite posture. She can be fixed in a posture for a long time, and she will not complain about maintaining a posture for a long time. It should be noted that the same time should not be too long. It is best to keep the doll upright when you end sex, otherwise, the skeleton inside the doll will be more easily deformed.

The flexible skeleton of the doll can be in the posture you like, as long as it is well maintained, it can be used for five to six years for a long time. Now the doll can even stand up, the excellent skeleton can fully support the entire body of the doll, you can see the sex doll standing in your room in the most beautiful posture. You can also put her on high heels, the flexible and sturdy skeleton can well support the doll's body.


Do sex dolls feel real 

Realistic facial features

The facial features of sex dolls are also very important. You definitely want to receive dolls with good makeup and perfect facial features, but you are afraid that the craftsmanship of sex dolls cannot meet the standard and cannot restore a real doll. You can completely dispel this doubt because the facial features of sex dolls are made by skilled craftsmen. They have adopted excellent production techniques and methods to restore a real doll for you.

The doll's eyes can turn. When you shake her head, you can see her eyes change with your shaking. At the same time, you can also close the doll's eyes to maintain a closed state. Her lips are also real. She is different from low-cost inflatable dolls. The interior of the sex doll is also made like a real female. You can open the lips of the doll, you can even see her tongue hidden inside, everything is so realistic, you can also perform oral sex on the doll according to your needs, just like a real doll.


Do sex dolls feel real

Today's dolls are very similar to real people, and can almost completely restore the real people in appearance. You can hardly tell whether it is a sex doll or a real woman in the picture. Everything is so real. More importantly, with the rapid development of technology, the dolls are no longer satisfied with the similarities on the surface. They try to be similar in function. The curvy sex dolls can talk to the owner and can change their state as the owner's sexual state changes. It even can make a sound, and even the body temperature changes with different states, everything is possible.

So, you don’t have to worry about whether the doll looks real, especially our sex doll uses the latest technology, which can restore the doll’s true skin, and we also use the intelligent voice technology, the doll can emit different moans, we believe It will definitely give you a more authentic and wonderful experience, and let the doll spend a good time with you! No matter you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with the most professional advice!

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