Customize a celebrity sex doll for yourself |

Customize a celebrity sex doll for yourself

August 01, 2020

Celebrities are all glamorous, they are the darling of God. They generally have exquisite facial features and attractive figures. We rarely see this type of celebrity in our daily lives, but have you ever thought that she can appear in our lives in another form, that is, a surreal sex doll. Today's sex doll industry is quite developed, and it can completely reproduce all the true appearances of a person. Buying a celebrity sex doll means that you can have a brand new ultra-real sex doll , and you can indirectly have the opportunity and possibility to meet these stars.


The emergence of celebrity sex dolls

For some time, the closest celebrity love doll may be Miley Cyrus or Sarah Palin. It is entirely possible for us to make a sex doll in the image of someone. In the near future, we may have to deal with other things: sex dolls made in a similar way. Yes, celebrity sex dolls are here. In fact, they may have attracted some "fans", but the world of doll makers seems unwilling to make sex dolls with exactly the same look. More sex doll makers want to create a sex doll that looks like a celebrity but is not very similar, so that it will not touch the boundaries of the law, at least for now.

These celebrity sex dolls have a variety of styles, very similar to some of the celebrities you admire. You will find that the idol you admire can stand in front of you, then kiss and make love with you. This is simply unimaginable. But you can do it. This is a bit similar to our human-shaped pillow. When we adore a certain idol, we will buy some products of this celebrity. It can be a cup with a celebrity face, a keychain with a celebrity face, or A fan of celebrity photos, and some mini dolls and pillows. What the sex doll manufacturer does is to enlarge the celebrity to a realistic proportion, and restore a sex doll of the same proportion through the customization of the customer. In fact, there is no essential difference between these full-size celebrity sex dolls and some peripherals. It is also a commodity, and you get your inner desire for satisfaction through the co-branded products of these stars.

Some celebrity sex dolls are very popular, and some niche celebrity sex dolls require you to contact the manufacturer to customize. What are the best-selling celebrity sex dolls now? We will list some well-known hot sex dolls . For example: whitney cummings sex doll, dominique sex doll, kim kardashian sex doll, mia khalifa sex doll, riley reid sex doll, scarlett johansson sex doll, taylor swift sex doll, fatty patty sex doll, ariana grande sex doll, asa akira sex doll , Nicki minaj sex doll, shakira sex doll, dorothy sex doll, kingmansion sex doll and emma watson sex doll. Do you feel very familiar when you see these names? If you like these celebrities, you can also choose to customize your own celebrity sex dolls.

Customize a celebrity sex doll for yourself

Some limitations of celebrity sex dolls

Celebrity sex dolls have gradually appeared in the market, but this is still relatively small. Although it will cause Internet discussions, most people do not understand the industry. This concealment allows you to customize a celebrity sex doll that is exclusive to you. If you only like your sex doll's face, you can customize her body freely. You can choose different breast sizes, different areola colors, etc. But if you want your sex doll to be exactly the same as the celebrity you admire, you need to be mentally prepared, because it is impossible for the doll maker to fully know the physical data of the celebrity, which may create an inevitable error.

Celebrity sex dolls cannot be exactly the same as real people. On the one hand, the technology of sex dolls is limited, and on the other hand, because doll manufacturers do not have all the physical data of celebrities. Nowadays, there is a super-real sex doll inverted model, which uses the inverted technology to make the human body be perfectly copied. Even the pores on the human body are clearly visible, which is already a very exaggerated imitation. However, most sex dolls cannot achieve such authenticity, especially celebrity sex dolls. It is impossible for these celebrities to provide sex doll manufacturers with molds and other data of their bodies. Therefore, sex doll manufacturers sometimes use ordinary craftsmanship of making sex dolls. In fact, these sex dolls have very good touch and visual perception. When you receive your sex doll, you may not have time to care whether she looks like your star, but can't wait to use your cute and charming sex doll.

Customize a celebrity sex doll for yourself

The dummies of Real Doll in Los Angeles often receive requests to make the doll look like the partner of the deceased. They are happy to do so, as long as the trust fund of the deceased signs it, but they attract celebrities. As they stated on their website in the past: "Without their explicit consent, we cannot legally make similar dolls with the true similarity of any person, celebrity or other person."

If you really want a real celebrity love doll, then the best option may be somewhere outside the United States. There are many Chinese companies that may help you customize this kind of celebrity sex doll. This is indeed a good way to have a celebrity sex doll that belongs to you.


Celebrity sex dolls stimulate the desire to buy

Although sex dolls have some limitations, they cannot be avoided. We can still desire to have these celebrity sex dolls, after all, we really have too little contact with these celebrities. Our lives are almost in two worlds with their lives. As ordinary individuals, we rarely have the opportunity to communicate with such successful people. Celebrity sex dolls helped us realize our dreams. Although there is still a certain gap between the appearance of these sex dolls and real people, this is enough to satisfy our inner obsession with sex dolls.

In fact, this is a good social phenomenon. Many fans in society are very enthusiastic, and they regard the idols they worship as part of their lives. This emotional obsession makes them lose their minds and do a lot of illegal things. For example, tracking celebrities, monitoring the lives of celebrities, etc. Some fans also made actions to harm these celebrities. It's creepy. And these sex dolls can alleviate the obsession of these obsessives. We believe that in the future development of sex dolls, our sex dolls will be more and more like real people. She can talk with you, and even have soul communication with you, and you can share the joy of life together. We are looking forward to this day.

Customize a celebrity sex doll for yourself

This is really exciting, after all, who has no fantasies of having celebrities as boyfriends and girls? Now you can make your fantasy a reality. If you want to customize a full-size celebrity sex doll, please contact us, we will provide you with the sex doll that is closest to your celebrity idol. She will definitely make you crazy! Hurry up and experience your surreal celebrity sex dolls !

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