Choose electric stick or male sex doll? |

Choose electric stick or male sex doll?

September 14, 2020

In the long history, increasing manpower is the most direct way to increase wealth for a family. It is impossible to reproduce without a woman. This behavior has created a perception that women are the private property of men. In this era, no one pays attention to woman's sexual needs. It is using public opinion and education to suppress woman's desires. But with the opening of society now, many concepts are increasingly updated, and women are no longer as humble as before. In the context of advocating respect and protection of woman's rights, the underestimated female sexuality is slowly being released. Under the imperceptible circumstances, nowadays female friends are more and more willing to share their sexual affairs with others, more and more I will find ways to meet my own needs. Sexual products are also popularized and used. Women are buying more and more sex products, and even the number of women buying sex products has exceeded that of men. And more and more types of sex products appear on the market, making women more and more entangled in how to buy and find ways to make them feel more comfortable. How to choose between male sex dolls and electric sticks?

Choose electric stick or male sex doll?

Electric rod

Most of the electric rods stimulate the clitoris. The small size electric wand stimulates women's clitoris and G-spot, increasing the chance of woman's clitoral orgasm. This small size electric rod is suitable for women who have not had sex yet or who have sex but have little sexual experience, or women who have less orgasms or have mild sexual frigidity. There are not many restrictions on the length of use, as long as it does not violently damage the sex organs, it can be used all the time. A medium-sized masturbation stick, about 5 to 10 cm. Suitable for flirting. The large-size electric rod is a kind of electric rod that looks a little scary. Improper use can easily cause harm to the body. This is suitable for women with strong sexual desires. The electric stick is the most common masturbation product, and it is also a tool used by many single women or couples to flirt at the beginning of their sexual life.There are many types of it to choose from, but when single women want to enjoy vaginal orgasm, the electric masturbation tools often do not meet the needs of women. At this time, it is enough to have a full-size sex doll.

Choose electric stick or male sex doll?

Male sex doll

Male sex doll is a 1:1 ratio of male body, A simulated sex doll made of high-grade silicone material. It looks like a complete man and can have many body height sizes. But compared to small masturbation tools, it will be more bulky. Because of the selection of materials, the weight of a sex doll with a larger size is relatively large. This allows women who use it to use more energy to move and break it. Male sex dolls can stimulate women through the three aspects of vision, touch and use. Let them have a sense of similarity to the full-scale experience of making love with real people in the process of experience. Male sex dolls are like curvy sex dolls for men. The handsome appearance satisfies the user visually. The huge penis is as exciting as the vagina of a mature sex doll. There is also a real touch, which makes people really feel like they are having sex with a real person.

The weight of a full-size male sex doll generally ranges from 30 to 45 kg. This will cause a lot of trouble for women. But when used, according to the penis size you choose, this can better allow women to get more satisfaction during intercourse. There are different degrees of blood vessel congestion on the penis, which can better make the fake penis produce friction in the female vagina. Let woman's vaginal wall get more stimulation. However, it is best to use a lubricant or condom when using it, which can protect woman's vulva and vagina.After use, the penis of the sex doll should also be cleaned and disinfected to ensure that you do not harm your body due to hygiene issues.

Choose electric stick or male sex doll?

Compare the two

The electric stick is more to stimulate the clitoris of women, and it is easier for women to enter the clitoris orgasm. Real sex dolls are stimulated through a full range of feelings, Let women have a perfect sexual experience in a complete atmosphere. Sex can also be performed in different positions, and the vagina is stimulated by friction on the surface of the clitoris of the realistic sex doll. More often, women enter the vagina orgasm. Woman's clitoral orgasm is more likely to occur than vaginal orgasm, but the response to orgasm is different. When choosing masturbation tools, you should take more into consideration what kind of orgasm you enjoy.

In this era of respect for women, women don’t need to be complacent and should love themselves more. If you are not satisfied with sex, you should have more perfect experiences. Women are not a tool for reproduction, and women should live for themselves. If you, as a woman, you read this article sitting in front of an electronic device and have your own thoughts and considerations. If you want to satisfy yourself by buying a cheap male sex doll, you can go directly to our mall to buy it, so that your sex is no longer depressed and you can get more release.

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