Can you classify mini sex doll as a child sex doll? |

Can you classify mini sex doll as a child sex doll?

July 03, 2020


As we all know, many countries have introduced policies to protect children. Because children are a vulnerable group, they are vulnerable to outside harm. In particular, there are some social perverts that only produce tyrannical sexual desires for children and do some unthinkable things for innocent children. The physical or psychological impact of these victimized children is severely damaged, and even the life of a child can be destroyed. In order to protect these children, many countries prohibit the purchase of child sex dolls, in order to reduce a kind of social violation of children. Some people have even been sentenced for purchasing sex dolls, in order to arouse social warnings.


child sex dolls

Penalty for buying child sex dolls

Kenneth Harrisson, a 51-year-old electrician in St. Johns, Canada, has been accused of purchasing a child sex doll online from Japan and may face up to seven years in prison. According to the British "Daily Mail" report, the Canadian Border Services Bureau seized a large box at Toronto Pearson International Airport in January 2013. The recipient was Kenneth Harrisson. In March 2014, Kenneth was accused of possession of child pornography and used the mail system to smuggle prohibited items.

According to police, a doll resembling an adolescent girl, about 130 centimeters tall, is wearing a school uniform and is equipped with pornographic products. For the past four years, Kenneth has kept a low profile and tried to cleanse himself of his crimes, claiming that he has not condoned child abuse in any way or form. Canadian law defines some child pornography as “sex organs or anal areas for minors under 18 years of age portrayed for sexual purposes”, and ordering a child-like sex toy does constitute a crime for child pornography. If convicted, Kenneth may face up to 7 years in prison.


child sex dolls

Are mini sex dolls equal to child sex dolls?

Making child sex dolls is an illegal transaction, so is small sex doll a child sex doll? Where is the boundary between them?

First of all, we must be clear that mini sex dolls are not equal to child sex dolls. Tiny sex doll is just like a child in shape, but its appearance and body are completely different from children's sex dolls. Little sex dolls are petite, they are just a scaled-down version of a full-size sex doll. Generally, a mini sex doll has a size between 80cm and 140cm, and its weight is relatively light. She has all the characteristics of a full-size doll.

If you like sex dolls with big breasts, their legal boundaries are relatively safe, especially mature looking sex dolls, which is your best choice for mini dolls. Although the body of the mini doll is small, you can also customize a big breast and hips, the mini sex doll with big breasts also looks very sexy. If you order a big breasted sex doll, you don’t need to worry about her being a child sex doll. After all, no child has such big breasts and buttocks. These characteristics are all signs of mature women.


mature looking sex dolls

We need to note that if you like flat-chested sex dolls, you will consider the so-called legal boundaries. Flat chest sex dolls are a very vague zone, and those petite sex dolls look very beautiful. But generally speaking, the appearance of flat-chested sex dolls is very young, and some sex dolls even look like a middle school student. This kind of small breasted mini love doll needs special attention, when you are buying this kind of sex doll. You must know the local legal terms. Because the miniature sex doll with small breasts belongs to the scope of pedophiles to a certain extent, many children are like this. Pure appearance, petite figure, short hair, girlish. You must understand how much she is like a child. Whether she is a mini sex doll or a child like sex doll, the latter is more easily questioned.

In addition to the size difference of the chest, you can also see the facial features of the mini sex doll and her dress. Child like sex doll's face looks very young, she is all skinny love doll, her body is weak, and stimulates your deepest desire to protect. Her facial features are exquisite, more like a child. With round eyes, her face also bulged slightly, making her chubby and chubby. She has no makeup, long natural eyelashes, and she is particularly pure and kind when her eyes blink. Some even wear student uniforms or sailor suits, and they seem to be under 18 years old. But the general mini sex dolls, especially mature female mini dolls, their facial features are obviously much more mature. They are more of a mature charm, and their faces are more angular. And they pay more attention to dressing themselves up, painting delicate makeup. Their clothing is also more mature, wearing sexy black erotic lingerie, vaguely revealing her unique style, every move exudes the beauty of mature women, you will not connect her with children at all.

Therefore, miniature sex dolls must not be equal to children's sex dolls, but because of the blurry boundaries, some pedophiles tend to go to prison for buying "child sex dolls".


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How to buy a best mini sex doll

When buying a best mini sex doll, first of all, make sure not to buy some sex dolls like children. Especially if your local laws are strictly controlled, do not buy a child like sex doll. We will recommend some sex dolls that will not cause misunderstandings by the police. On the premise of protecting your privacy, we will select some of the most beautiful sex dolls that meet your psychological expectations.

Midget sex doll's small size does not mean that other aspects of the manufacturing process will be reduced. Petite sex dolls are also made by skilled craftsmen, and their appearance is particularly attractive. Because of their petite posture, the corresponding production process is more difficult and more sophisticated, and you don't need to worry about quality.

You can buy mini sex dolls in two materials, one is tpe mini sex doll and the other is mini silicone sex doll. Both are very similar to the skin of real women, their touch is almost the same, you can no longer bear the previous inflatable sex doll. These sex dolls are simply the darlings of heaven, and their skin has no flaws, as if they are angels of heaven, everything is so pure and flawless.


mature looking sex dolls

The sex doll will accompany you through a long period of time, she will be your best sex partner, no matter what happens to you, she will be with you faithfully by your side. She gives you extreme loyalty and understanding, so we must be cautious in choosing sex dolls. After all, the price of a sex doll is not cheap. In the case of ensuring our personal safety, we certainly want to choose the best sex doll. If you are still looking for some high-quality sex dolls, then you must not miss lovedollshop, we will always accompany you to choose the best sex doll, bring more beautiful colors to your life.

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