Can you adapt to the intimate relationship with robot sex dolls |

Can you adapt to the intimate relationship with robot sex dolls

August 04, 2020

To be honest, it is not easy to find a man in the world who is independent, romantic and interesting enough to attract you to have sex with him. However, if you can accept the sex robot of a real doll man, everything will be solved. If you are ready, come and meet Henry, a tall and handsome robot love doll, to satisfy all your fantasies. There are also exquisite and beautiful Samantha sex dolls, she will let you marvel at the magic of the creator.

sex doll robot

Henry the real doll

Henry is the latest product from a manufacturer of electric sex dolls. Nowadays, the development of robotic sex doll technology has been very developed. According to the Daily Mail report, Henry is 6 feet tall, has all the mermaid lines for abdominal muscles, and can be customized in various sizes of Henry. No matter what style of men you like, you can make Henry realize your dreams. Wait, say, if you like sex dolls with darker skin, you can customize Henry with dark skin. You can customize the color of his pupils, hairstyle or other options. At the same time, you can also customize the muscles of the sex doll. If you like muscular men, then you can customize a muscular mechanical doll. But if you don't like men with over-developed muscles, you can customize a thinner male sex doll . No matter what your requirements are, the sex doll will satisfy your external characteristics of being male.

And you don't have to worry that the skin of this real robot sex doll will overlap false, because robot sex doll porn is made of ultra-real materials, most of which are silicone or tpe. There is also a high-grade platinum silica gel, which is effective. It is very real. You can even see the blood vessels under the skin of the doll. All the details show the super-realism of the sex doll. Especially robot sex dolls, these robot sex dolls can help us relieve our mental loneliness and loneliness. The current robot sex dolls have more functions. The previous sex dolls are more rigid, and their faces can only maintain the same posture. But today's robots have achieved a huge leap. The current robot doll has a very rich facial expression management, you can control the face of your sex doll, you want him to smile at you. You can use the device to make him smile like a flower. And this smile is very precise, whether you want him to smile lightly or laugh, he can make changes accordingly.

He can even turn his eyes and show higher facial features. He will frown and express his feelings. This simply makes a sex doll come alive. He can make different facial poses and meet your different needs. This is a big step forward. You can discover your multi-faceted sex doll. After all, a sex doll can accompany you for five to six years. If he keeps the same facial expression every day, it would be boring.

Can you adapt to the intimate relationship with robot sex dolls

Henry's price

In addition, once you sync Henry with the corresponding App, this male robot sex doll can tell you whatever you want to hear. According to the program design, Henry can recite poems, sing your favorite songs, tell you jokes, and welcome you when you finish work and drag your tired body home-all in pure English accent.

The producer of Henry hopes that Henry will bring more companionship than sexual enjoyment: "Women and men have the same problem of loneliness at the same time," Realbotix CEO Matt McMullen in an interview with the Daily Mail said.

In 2017, his company launched the Harmony robot, the female version of Henry's artificial intelligence robot.

"People call our products sex dolls, but the theme of our products is companionship," McMullen said. "In this age of computers, people miss out on the interaction between people." Henry's selling price ranges from 8,000 to 11,000 pounds (equivalent to 11,000 to 15,000 US dollars). The price difference is mainly due to the customer's personalized customization of Henry. You can customize your robot sex doll , the more options you customize, of course your price will be fine.

This can be said to be very high, but Henry seems to have a certain market. Last year, the Guardian reported that Abyss Creations sold 600 dolls every year.Artificial intelligence expert David Levy told the Daily Star that robots like Henry may be more popular than traditional sex dolls.

If someone can get pleasure from a vibrator, then imagine how the same female robot feels, a woman can take a lot of things away. Have sex with the robot around on the robot. "


Limitations of sex doll robots

They are exactly the same as human beings, and they can even think like humans or produce human emotions. Their functions seem to be more abundant than real people. Will this make us have a sense of crisis, thereby inhibiting the occurrence of this phenomenon? Japanese robotics expert Dr. Masahiro Mori put forward an Uncanny Valley hypothesis. This hypothesis shows that when a robot is very close to a human, or a computer robot exists like this, the more he looks like a real person, it brings us more fear and disturbed. When the generated characters become more and more realistic, it will give people an unreal and uncomfortable feeling.

At the same time, if everyone chooses to use similar real doll robots, how will human development be maintained? Everyone chooses to depend on robots for their lives, so in the future, will there be more robots than people? Moreover, the price of a sex doll robot is not cheap, and the technology currently used is only for a small group of people, and most people cannot afford this huge cost. The popularization of all sex dolls must have a long way to go.

Can you adapt to the intimate relationship with robot sex dolls

Of course, whether this close relationship with the machine can be accepted by the market has to be decided by Henry's target market. Most people are expecting an intimate relationship between humans and robots, thereby alleviating their spiritual crisis. But there is still quite a large group of people who think that robot porn doll  should not appear in the society, which may cause a moral or ethical crisis.Then, people's thinking in the future is still the initial concept, in excitement and doubt about the future development of science and technology. We look forward to this super-real sex robot, and the industry will continue to develop in the future. If you are interested in sex dolls, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with the most sincere advice and guidance to help you find your dream lover. Come and customize your exclusive sex doll!

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