Can sex dolls perform various difficult positions? |

Can sex dolls perform various difficult positions?

July 30, 2020

For many people, it is still a very good thing to buy a sex doll with a high level of simulation. Singles or men who are pregnant with their wives can try to buy the most realistic sex doll , can often meet their daily sexual needs. And if you feel mentally lonely, you can also buy a similar sex doll, and you will have a long-term company. The reason why people buy this product is mainly because the product is highly simulated. Not only does the skin look like a real person, but the metal mechanical skeleton used inside the body also has greater flexibility and can be made. Various actions.


Sex dolls can make a variety of flexible movements

Today's sex dolls have many functions and can assume different poses. As long as you like, you can make your sex doll assume any pose you like, and it can inject more vitality and passion into your sex life and add more freshness. Sometimes, the different poses of your sex doll will make her look very different. These visual feasts constantly touch your senses and nerves.

With the development of the times, people have more requirements for sex dolls, and they pursue the true touch of sex doll experience. Therefore, sex dolls with different functions have been developed. For example, the sex doll can stand freely, and she can stand alone on the ground without any external support. The bracket inside the doll allows the doll's body to stand freely. There are three iron nails on the sole of the doll's feet. If you have a fetish for foot fetish, you need to pay attention to the three iron nails on the sole of the doll's feet before buying. In addition, the shoulders of the sex doll can be moved freely, and the shrugged sex doll looks more real, especially when you want to take pictures of your sex doll. You will find that sex dolls with shrugs look more real than sex dolls without shrugs. It looks exactly like a real person.

The sex doll is simply too delicate, although she can't initiate a certain action. But all her actions are given by you, which completely satisfies the possessive men. Everything about your sex doll is given by you, including the clothes and appearance of your beloved doll, her skin tone, hair color, pupil color and other functions are completely customized by you. She can do exactly what you do. So you don't need to worry that your sex doll will betray you.

Can sex dolls perform various difficult positions?

Can sex dolls are set difficult poses?

So, can sex dolls perform various difficult postures? People are still very concerned about this issue. After all, some people have different needs at special times. Therefore, such a product should also meet people's certain needs in terms of positioning. According to the explanation of experts, such a product can indeed be put into various postures, but this posture should be within the range of our normal human body. If we say that some unreasonable postures are made, or bend If the degree exceeds the angle that a real person can bear, then such a product may be deformed, or the surface skin is strained. This is a very serious matter, and this phenomenon should be avoided as much as possible.

Everything has its limits. We must think about the consequences of any behavior we make. We can't just satisfy our momentary pleasure and hurt our love dolls for men . The skin of the sex doll is made of tpe or silicone. These materials will be damaged if they are subjected to excessive pressure.

The sex doll cast has a waist joint, which can be bent forward, not backward, and can be turned left and right. The joints of the new sex doll will be tighter, just run in for a while. When you receive your sex doll, you may feel that your sex doll is unable to assume the posture you want, even if you think this posture is very normal. This is a very reasonable phenomenon, because your sex doll is still new and has not been used before. So her joints are relatively stiff, so don't worry about it at this time. This principle is the same as that of ordinary machines. At first, it will run a bit stuck, but it will become more and more smooth and flexible in the future. The joints of the sex doll are also, as long as you get along with her attentively, slowly make different positions, and slowly break through. Your sex doll can also make many different difficult poses. But sometimes in the process of making love with a sex doll, sometimes difficult sex positions are used. This will inevitably damage your sex doll, so how do we solve this problem?

Can sex dolls perform various difficult positions?


Taking care of damaged sex dolls

I believe everyone has a certain understanding of whether the mannequin sex doll can be placed in various poses, and at the same time, it is necessary to understand the cleaning and maintenance of this doll in time. After all, this product will still be used in the future, so it is necessary Maintain in a better environment. In any case, users should cherish this product, and don't pose too curvy. Don’t worry too much if you occasionally pose an excessively curved posture and get damaged. We can repair small wounds by ourselves.

Sex dolls are mostly straight when they leave the factory. Do not allow the sex doll to be placed in a difficult bending position for a long time, so as to avoid deformation and damage to the skin of a certain place for a long time. So when your sex doll maintains a short-term difficult posture, we need to quickly restore her body to a straight posture.

If indentation or strangulation occurs on the surface of the sex doll pirn body due to prolonged squeezing, you can use a clean, non-marking white cloth to moisten it with water, and then use a hot air blower to blow on the surface of the cloth. Wait for a period of time to make the indentation. Will disappear.

If there is a small area of damage to the synthetic sex dolls skin, you can use glue to bond, first clean the damaged surface, and then apply a layer of glue evenly on the two cut surfaces, and then glue the two cut surfaces together , Finally apply a thin layer of glue on the surface, wait for about half an hour for the glue to dry.

Can sex dolls perform various difficult positions?

Although the sinthetics sex doll was repaired, some part of her body was repaired. But the damage is there after all. We must know that the swing of the life sex doll must not go far beyond what the sex doll can bear. We naturally hope that our sexy love dolls can show a different spirit and appearance. But we must also be aware that this posture is limited. The racyme sex doll is our treasure, and sometimes it is a family-like existence. Her beautiful appearance can naturally make us happy. Can you imagine a solid sex doll with wounds all over? That will make you very heartbroken. Therefore, the posture used when having sex with the most lifelike sex doll must not exceed the posture that the sex doll can bear. But what if you like to try difficult poses too much? This is very easy to solve, you can try our newest sex dolls, our sex dolls for sell uses more flexible materials, which can bring you a new sex experience every day And passion!

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