Can I take photos of my sex doll |

Can I take photos of my sex doll

July 01, 2020

 Your doll is like a finely sculpted piece of art, it would be a great pity if you didn't take a picture of her. Therefore, taking pictures of sex dolls is a normal thing and will not harm the dolls. You may be thinking, do I take bad sex dolls to take pictures and do you have a bad opinion of me? Of course not. This is a normal requirement. You haven't done anything illegal. You just want to record this beautiful memory with your camera and become your treasured memory. You can see that many sex doll owners have prepared a photo album for their sex dolls. The dolls are just like your girlfriend. She also hopes that you can remember her and keep this beautiful memory.

 Can I take photos of my sex doll

Shared memories

Now on many doll forums, you can see that many doll owners put pictures of dolls online. There are many different dolls on the Internet. They pose in different shapes and show beautiful gestures. This is a kind of memory. You can exchange views with each other based on the information in the pictures. In the process, you can find many friends who share your views. You all like dolls, and you all like to take pictures of dolls, so you exchange experiences with each other. How can the doll be photographed better, which pose of the doll is most suitable for taking pictures, these can be communicated.

You can also post photos of your dolls online, many netizens will praise how beautiful and sexy your dolls are, and you will appreciate the kindness of netizens from all over the world. Your feelings for the doll are the same, there is an inclusive, open mind, obsessed with the beauty of the doll. You can also watch pictures of other dolls and see what accessories the dolls have. These accessories can greatly enhance your sexual experience during the sex process. You can also equip your dolls with these parts.

 Can I take photos of my sex doll


Take photos in the room

How to take pictures of dolls is a very worthy thing to think about. If you are afraid to take pictures of the dolls in public, you can take pictures of the dolls in your room, arrange a beautiful scene in the room, and set up a small room to take pictures of the dolls. There are unlimited possibilities in this room, you can arrange the room in the style of a palace, and your doll is sitting in the castle in a noble robe. Or a fresh and sweet style, the room is filled with pink breath, filled with countless colorful balloons and soft clouds, and colorful lollipops.

 You can also arrange it into a Gothic-style room, filled with a gloomy and cold atmosphere. The black and red backgrounds form a strong visual impact. A crow stands on the towering spire, and there is a burst of sorrow. Elements of these possibilities can be applied to your room.

In the room, you can constantly change the elements, you can put a variety of different makeup and clothing on your doll, and show different styles in different scenes.

For example, in the dark Gothic style, you can put a black sexy leather coat on your doll, she wields a long leather whip, everything is so cool and sexy, if you like, you can also give the doll There is a black cat ear on his head. In addition, you can also put a pure sailor costume on the doll, and arrange the whole scenery into a sea. Your doll stands on the deck, and the sea breeze gently skips her group, vaguely revealing the blue striped underwear, It looks very pure.

In the room, you don't need to feel any worries, because there are only you and the sex doll in the room, she will cooperate with your movements very well, and you will leave the most beautiful memories.

 Can I take photos of my sex doll


Take pictures outdoors

Taking pictures outdoors is a very challenging option because you have to face the weird sight of others. In fact, there are many venues to choose from. When you dress your doll, take her to an unmanned place, so you can take pictures at will. For example, you can take your doll to the top of the building and imagine a rooftop scene, usually on a Japanese campus.

You can put a pure student uniform on your Japanese sex doll, tie a white shirt, and wear an ultra-short plaid skirt. You can also wear black over-the-knee socks and a pair of small leather shoes to make the doll's legs straight. Long again. So the two of you stood on the roof together, the wind blowing the hair of the sex doll, is it very similar to the confession scene in Japanese anime. So you can use the roof as a campus and take pictures of your sex doll.

In addition, you can also take pictures on the lawn, by the sea, or go to a forest that is inaccessible. You can think of your doll as a little elf living in the jungle. She has pointed ears and is wearing a transparent gauze gown, her white skin vaguely revealed in the tulle, everything is so sexy. You can stand together and take pictures, posing in different poses. You can set up the camera with a tripod and adjust it to a suitable angle, and then you hold the doll or gently kiss her cheek. Then this wonderful moment was recorded by the camera, and you also captured the most beautiful memories.

The sex doll is really not just a toy, you can also think of her as an emotional individual. If she knew you were just treating her as a toy, she would feel very sad in her heart. If you like your sex dolls, then take photos of these young sex dolls, you can print these photos and hang them in your room, you can also share with others in some doll blogs, I believe many people will be amazed A wonderful connection between you and your doll.

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