Can I take my sex doll for a trip |

Can I take my sex doll for a trip

July 01, 2020

 Sex dolls and toys have inevitably become part of our lives. Discussion topics that used to be very sensitive are now easy to discuss. Gone are the days of lethargy or shame thinking about how to increase happiness through sex. Indeed, people are more daring today and are openly searching for ways to increase physical pleasure. The owner of the sex doll came out to publicly declare love for the sex doll, even showing off big ass sex dolls in public.

 Can i take my sex doll for a trip

Indeed, people do not have to take unnecessary risks. They can look for such people or products in their own homes. Each country has its own sex-related product sellers who promote their products and services online. The problem is that these sex dolls have been intertwined in our lives, so that sometimes we will selectively love dolls instead of female partners, or use them with female partners. Such time is our vacation and vacation time. We want to stay with them all the time, so that the fun never ends, and many people cannot leave the sex doll. So can I take my sex doll to travel? How do I travel with sex dolls? What are the benefits of traveling with sex dolls?

Can I take my sex doll for a trip

This problem is different in each country. When you travel, you need to check whether the sex doll is illegal. Some countries do not allow sex dolls to leave the country. So if you want to travel with sex dolls, you must first determine whether this country can carry sex dolls. If this is not possible, you may have to overthrow the previous assumptions and re-plan your travel route and travel preparation.

In addition, if you have a car at home, it is best to drive the car with your baby on a trip, and it is best not to drive too far, as more accidents happen.


Can i take my sex doll for a trip 

How to travel with sex dolls

After we have determined that the destination country where we are traveling can carry sex dolls, we can start planning our travel routes. Sex with sex dolls is a very happy thing. Some doll owners want to take their dolls to show off, show everyone how delicate and beautiful their dolls are, and reflect their noble taste. He enjoys this process very much.

First of all, we need to think about how big dolls to take out? If you have multiple dolls, you don’t know which one to choose when you go out. The most important thing is to consider the height of the doll. Generally speaking, the weight of the doll is proportional to the height, so you need to bring a smaller doll. This makes the doll more convenient to carry.

Where should I put the doll? If you drive by yourself, it is very convenient. The best storage box for you is a crate. Put your full-size sex doll naturally in the box and put her comfortably in the box. Be careful not to bend the hands and feet of the doll excessively, otherwise, it will easily cause deformation of the limbs of the doll. If an impact occurs, it is likely to damage the entire body of the doll. You can put the box in the back seat, or the trunk, both are good choices.


Can i take my sex doll for a trip 

If you want to take your doll out for more than two days, you must bring some cleaning products, such as some shower gel or loofah brushes. If you need to have sex with her outside to match your crazy fantasy, then please don’t forget your lubricant, it will be your loyal partner.

What you also need to remember is to put the sex doll in a clean, transparent bag and put it on the clothes. This will help the staff at the checkpoint understand its meaning without having to touch the body of the doll anywhere. Otherwise, your doll is easily contaminated with other people's bacteria, you can also avoid some embarrassment.


What are the benefits of traveling with sex dolls?

You can get a lot of benefits from traveling with sex dolls. The first is the companionship. You usually travel alone. You walk around and feel lonely looking at the clouds in the sky. But after having a doll, she will completely change your life, you will have concerns about the process of traveling, and you will have someone who can share the joy with you.

Can i take my sex doll for a trip


You can sit on the cliff to watch the sunrise together, sit on the reef on the beach and watch the waves rise and fall, you can also feel the natural atmosphere in the tropical rain forest. Everything has various expectations and fantasies.

Taking photos is an indispensable part of traveling. Taking photos can record your happy time with your sex doll. Your sex doll is in the room for a long time, and she rarely sees the sun. I believe it must be very pleasing when your doll feels the sun and sees dense green plants and jungle. Don't miss this opportunity! Record the beautiful moments of you and your sex doll.

Traveling is a process full of fantasy and romance, and we reap all kinds of joys in traveling. This helps to cultivate the emotions between you and your sex doll, and you know each other better. You can find countless possibilities for the doll. She can be your sex object, partner, friend, and photo object. You can do many wonderful things together. If you want to travel with your sex doll, don't hesitate, take her to feel the beauty of the world now!

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