Can I take a mandarin duck bath with my sex doll? |

Can I take a mandarin duck bath with my sex doll?

September 08, 2020

The simple understanding of mandarin duck bath is shared bathing with men and women. In the same bathroom, sit in the same bathtub and play in the water together. Now more and more couples will use this method to enhance mutual feelings. Such a small thing in life can make the relationship between lovers or husband and wife go further, increase the interest in life, and make sex life more harmonious. And when you are single and have a sexy sex doll, you also want to take a mandarin duck bath with her. Some simple and rude people will have no worries, put the curvy sex doll directly into the bathtub, and play in the water with the life-size sex doll, and then can't help having an unsuspecting sex with his sex doll. But will this really affect you or your sex doll? Those who are concerned will think: Will this cause me unnecessary trouble? Can I take a mandarin duck bath with my sexy sex doll? Come to answer for you now.

Can I take a mandarin duck bath with my sex doll?

Mandarin duck fucked after bath

In principle, the mandarin duck bath refers to the common bath of men and women. You take a mandarin duck bath with a heterosexual sex doll, which can increase your feelings for her. But as a man, you should be aware of your physical condition and physical condition and be responsible for your physical health. Now let’s talk about a recent research finding that mandarin duck bathing affects sexual function! It is not advisable to have sexual intercourse within 20 minutes after a hot bath. Because the normal progress of sexual life is closely related to the blood supply of various parts of the human body. During the hot bath, the skin of the whole body immediately became extensively congested. At this time, when making love, the body will flow a lot of blood to the sex organs. When the male sex organs have an erection, the blood requirement in the cavernous body will be more than 20 times more than normal. At this time, a large amount of blood accumulates in the skin, so that the distribution of blood will create contradictions and cause incompetence for men. And then affect the sex life. Therefore, in principle, the number of mandarin duck baths should be controlled as much as possible, and this kind of sexual impulse should be avoided as much as possible when unnecessary. Of course, the number of sexual intercourse after bathing with sex dolls should also be avoided as much as possible. Although after you have sex with a mature sex doll, you still need to spend time and energy to move the mature sex doll and adjust it to your most satisfactory position. This requires a certain amount of time and physical strength, and will change your congestion. But still try to avoid having sex within 20 minutes after the hot bath.

Can I take a mandarin duck bath with my sex doll?

Bathing with real sex doll

When a full-size sex doll is bathed, oil will appear to a certain extent. Especially when sex dolls are just produced and sent home, the oily phenomenon will continue after a period of use. So if you can accept a thin layer of oil from the water in your bathtub, you can also choose to bathe in the same bathtub as your sex doll. Whether it is a big breasted sex doll or a flat breasted sex doll, each doll needs to have a certain amount of oil to ensure the touch and look of the doll while ensuring the touch and quality. So when you buy a best sex doll, the customer service will provide you with advice. When your sex doll appears to be oily, you should wipe it with talcum powder on the body of the sex doll. This can effectively prevent the oily phenomenon of sex dolls. After you take a bath with your life-size sex doll or after you bathe your sex doll, you need to wipe off talcum powder on every part of its skin. This can effectively ensure its longevity. If you enjoy your sex doll's oil more, you can not wipe it off with talcum powder, but its lifespan will disappear with the loss of oil. If you can accept that your curvy sex doll is oily when you are in the mandarin duck bath, you can also bathe with it, which will promote your feelings for it and allow you to have more cooperation in sexual intercourse with it. And a better experience.

Can I take a mandarin duck bath with my sex doll?

You can take a mandarin duck bath with your real sex doll, and you can also do more with your realistic sex doll to enhance your feelings for it. If you want to have a crazy sexual intercourse with the mandarin duck in the bath, then you should first consider your body, and don't ruin your life's orgasm because of a temporary sexual impulse. But no matter what you do with it, please remember to take good care of it, it will have a longer lifespan to accompany you. It will also be rewarded to you for your contribution to it. So, if you already have the best sex doll of your own, treat it well. If you have the idea of buying sex dolls or custom sex dolls, please go to our store to buy them. We have a wealth of and very good choices.

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