Can I ejaculate in a sex doll? |

Can I ejaculate in a sex doll?

September 08, 2020

Ejaculation is the experience of male orgasm, which will give men a brief period of pleasure during a period of intercourse, making them very proud of themselves. The first successful ejaculation will bring an unprecedented sense of accomplishment to men. So men who have real sex dolls want to have a crazy sexual intercourse with sex dolls when they get them. Through this first ejaculation in a full-size sex doll, he proved that he can still have the characteristics and charm of a man. However, at this time, some more careful men will think when they have a full-size sex doll: Can I ejaculate in the body of a real sex doll? The question that men who cherish sex dolls will think is: Will ejaculation in its body hurt it? A man who is more responsible for himself will think: I ejaculate in a sex doll, will it affect my health? Today, in response to these man’s questions, we will make a small explanation and a small explanation for these problems.

Can I ejaculate in a sex doll?

Effect of ejaculate in sex doll on doll

Ejaculation in the vagina of a mature sex doll can give men a lot of release. The release of pressure in life, the release of sexual depression, and the proof of oneself through sex. These are facts that can make men more confident. But what effect does this have on real sex dolls? When you are shopping for a sex doll, you should know that the vagina of a sex doll should be cleaned after every use. Otherwise, if it is not cleaned for a long time, it will cause a lot of semen or lubricating fluid and other residual dirt to accumulate in the doll's vagina. Over time, these dirt will cause bacteria to multiply and even deteriorate into a virus. This will damage the male sexual organs and cause physical health problems. Therefore, when choosing a doll’s vagina, if you know that you have a strong sexual desire and will often have sex with a sex doll, you should choose a detachable vagina. This will greatly reduce your own troubles. Every time you use a curvy sex doll, there will be semen left on its vagina or skin. You should simply clean it after you rest. Wash the semen or lubricant remaining in the vagina. This will greatly increase its lifespan, allowing you to have more time with it. Of course, if you treat him too violently during sex, it will also reduce the lifespan of his vagina. But your realistic sex doll is a detachable vagina, you can replace it by purchasing another vagina. Therefore, you can simply protect it after you ejaculate, which will not have much impact on it.

Can I ejaculate in a sex doll?

The effect of ejaculate in sex dolls on men

Actually, ejaculate in a silicone sex doll is like ejaculate in a real woman. This will not have too many different effects on men. But there is another advantage of ejaculation in a real sex doll, that is, there is no need to worry that the sex doll will become pregnant, and there is no need to affect the progress of sexual intercourse because of the psychological burden. Because there is no need to worry about pregnancy, men can use only lubricant instead of condoms when having sex with curvy sex dolls, which will greatly enhance the pleasure of sexual intercourse. Regular ejaculation frequency will also strengthen the metabolism of man's body and ensure the quality of man's sperm. Through sexual intercourse and ejaculation, it produces sexual pleasure and can make men more confident. If men do not use internal ejaculation, but use external ejaculation, there will be more harm. It is easy to cause premature ejaculation and cause infertility. If you have to say bad effects, there are only two points. First, men use sex dolls too frequently, and the stimulation of their prostates is too strong, which will affect man's sexual function and sperm quality. Also, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, if you ejaculate in the doll's body and then fail to clean it, it may cause bacteria to grow and attack your reproductive organs due to hygiene issues. This will affect yourself to a certain extent. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in the hygiene of the best sex doll.

Can I ejaculate in a sex doll?

Can you ejaculate in a sex doll

Having said so much, the conclusion is certainly possible. Reasonably control and arrange your own sexual intercourse time, and make your ejaculation interval regular, which will make you healthier. Don't go crazy for sexual intercourse because of a momentary sexual impulse, which will stimulate your body and become abnormal. There is also a reasonable and regular sanitation and cleaning of life-size sex dolls. This is responsible for it and also for oneself. So, when you have a big breasted sex doll, you should take good care of it.

The above is the explanation of whether you can ejaculate in a sexy sex doll. If you have more questions, you can continue to pay attention to our official website, and we will continue to update the blog to answer customer questions. If you have read articles related to sex dolls and are very moved by it, we are very supportive of you to buy a young sex doll of your own. If necessary, you can purchase through our mall, and our customer service will give you the best service.

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