Buy sex toys or sex dolls? |

Buy sex toys or sex dolls?

January 21, 2021

For many people, it is also good to buy some sex toys. The price of sex toys is cheaper and can solve their sexual needs. such as:

elf sex doll

Rooster ring

The cock ring keeps you energetic, enhances sensitivity, and enhances orgasm.

I like the Xact-Fit cock ring from Perfect Fit and I review it here. With them, you can find the exact size with an inner diameter within 0.1 inches.

Fixed vibrator

They are designed to allow you to grind while lying on it. Most have a shape consistent with the contour of the vulva. Laya II and Layaspot from Fun Factory are two top-notch choices.

G-spot vibrator

Despite the name, these toys are also very suitable for external clitoral stimulation, so they have many uses. Sola's Cue is strong and rumbling. We-Vibe's Rave is also top-notch. For the best budget option, take a look at BMS Factory’s Sassy and Satisfyer vibrators: Charming Smile, Magic Bunny, Master, Mr. Rabbit, Yummy Sunshine and Hippo.

big breasts sex doll
These are very popular and common sex toys, but every time you use them, you always need to imagine yourself. There is no specific image. It is quite new to use several times, but after a long time, you will always lose interest. It’s not a real person, but it’s more expensive to go to a brothel to find a real person to vent, and it can only solve temporary needs, even unsafe, and easy to be infected with viruses. At this time, sex dolls become your best choice. Why do you say that?

1. The sex doll has a beautiful appearance and a very good figure.

You can choose according to your hobby. And the materials used by the realisitic sex doll are very safe.

2. No STD

sex dolls are your best choice for sex, because they cannot spread any dangerous venereal diseases. This is because it is an artificial doll designed to explore your sexuality and improve your understanding of different styles. They use different disinfectants to clean them thoroughly to prevent the growth of bacteria.

3. Accompany you

Because the appearance of the sex doll is very simulating, when you are alone, you can treat it as a real person, and she will always be with you.

4. Help you reduce the troubles of pregnancy

This is the best part of getting a tpe sex doll. This is because you don't have time to worry about wm dolls becoming pregnant because they can't get pregnant. A real doll will never become pregnant, so it is an ideal companion for full sexual desire.

sexy love doll
You can get a physical doll for less than $1,000. If a doll can be used for 1 year, then you only need to spend about 2.8 US dollars per day, which is not expensive. Just follow the doll usage book and pay attention to related matters. The doll’s lifespan is not a problem to reach 2 years, or even longer.

If you are using sex dolls for the first time, it is recommended that you buy mini sex dolls, because it is more convenient and brings more surprises to your first experience.

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