Are you looking forward to owning an AI sex doll? |

Are you looking forward to owning an AI sex doll?

August 10, 2020

Sex dolls, a kind of masturbation tool developed from inflatable dolls, to current real sex dolls, and smart sex dolls that are currently being researched and invented. With the advancement and development of science and technology, more and more fresh species have appeared in the world, and the popularity of artificial intelligence has become more and more widespread. The emergence of sweeping robots has solved the distress of many lazy cancer patients. The emergence of "Xiaodu" smart speakers has reduced the time and effort of many users in searching, and solved the needs of many users. The emergence of artificial intelligence, which fully understands people's needs and needs to fully understand user search content, is becoming more and more important in the mobile era. Artificial intelligence will understand natural language and make corresponding actions according to the instructions made by humans to complete people's instructions. Intelligent robots need to make repeated training and repairs to perfect the intelligent system. In the case of embodying AI, they cannot create systems that are unfavorable to humans. Artificial intelligence is used in all walks of life, from the financial industry to the transportation industry. It can monitor suspicious transactions in the stock market and help control ground and air traffic. Can help you block spam. But this is only the beginning of artificial intelligence. With the advancement of technology, in addition to those industries that require large amounts of data that require artificial intelligence, there are other industries that are increasingly turning to intelligent services. Now there is another question, do you expect the emergence of AI sex dolls?

Are you looking forward to owning an AI sex doll?

First, let us look at the progress of the past few decades. From the beginning, even with the most gentle sex technique and the simplest sex position, the inflatable doll may explode at any time. Not only are they a bit scary in appearance, but when you have basic small interactions with them, they will always bring you overwhelmed surprises. Replace cheap plastic inflatable dolls with high-quality silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls. It can also complete the full-size sex doll according to the customer's specified requirements. People can also adjust the posture of sex according to their own preferences. The life span of the doll is also extended a lot. A doll can accompany a person to experience many orgasms. Today's sex dolls feel like real things from the inside out. This is a great improvement, and it will not slow down anytime soon. Now, doll makers are trying AI to do some amazing things.


What is AI sex doll?

AI sex doll is a kind of outstanding appearance, can express one's emotions and state through facial expressions and voices, even the body temperature is no different from normal people. Its internal structure is unique. Through the silica gel on the surface, the machine structure inside is truly eye-opening. The precise compressor transports a variety of different air pressures through various pipes and drives the robot's transmission through these air pressures. , So that the whole robot becomes very flexible like a real person. AI sex doll is an advanced life-size sex doll with strong learning ability. In continuous training, its program becomes complete, it can produce emotions in humans. It will automatically enter the owner’s information and has the function of recognizing human faces. It is a smart phone that belongs to face recognition. It also has the same function as a smart speaker, which can speak with you and relieve your worries. Its shape is also like the current silicone doll, which can be customized to complete a variety of size categories, for example: young sex dolls, pregnant sex dolls, red-haired sex dolls, blonde sex dolls, curvy silicone sex dolls, mature love doll, muscular sex doll, sports sex dolls, skinny sex dolls and so on.

Are you looking forward to owning an AI sex doll?

Sex doll that can orgasm

When we already have mature sex doll that are realistic to the touch, and with the development of technology, many technological advancements have naturally moved. Many advances have improved the internal and external structure of the doll through different steps. Now, there is a technology that allows sex dolls to respond to touch and other stimuli through orgasm. When you have sex with it, the sex doll can recognize the player's stimulus in its system, automatically wake up the sensor, and make the most basic response just like anyone is awakened or even reaches an orgasm. This can not only create amazing sexual experiences, but also help people become better sexual partners with real-life lovers. A real sex doll that can orgasm will not only be your best masturbation tool. It can also be your best companion. It gives you the most authentic sexual experience every time, and makes you feel ecstatic, just like having sex with a real person.

Are you looking forward to owning an AI sex doll?

Communicate with future sex dolls

Communication is indispensable in daily communication. When you have sex with your partner, the two people will also change their sex positions through communication. If your sex doll can also communicate with you during sex, and then automatically change its posture and posture through its system, then you can save a lot of time and energy when using it. This is the embodiment of intelligence. In addition to this, there are people who want to solve their emotional problems by using this real life sex doll. They hope that mature milf sex dolls can give him more company and communication, so that they no longer feel lonely in their independent lives. Just like allowing chat bots to chat in customer service, they will also answer your questions with AI technology, and they can also teach you to talk to it.


We will provide you with more further information about artificial intelligence robots. Try to meet your expectations of AI robot sex dolls as much as possible. If you need it, we can provide you with the more popular sex dolls for sell that many people choose. We have high-quality dolls to choose from, as well as curvy love doll of different brands and features.

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