Are second-hand sex dolls sold online trustworthy? |

Are second-hand sex dolls sold online trustworthy?

July 28, 2020


Sex dolls surged during the epidemic, and buying sex dolls is no longer considered a very abnormal thing. This is a very good phenomenon. To a certain extent, it reflects the views and opinions of sexual freedom. But many people have insufficient budget, because the price of buying a best silicone sex dolls  is not cheap, and the price of some sex dolls can even be said to be very high. So when we want to have a sex doll of our own, we can consider buying used sex dolls.

used sex dolls

Reasons for used sex dolls for sale

Although the sex doll is very beautiful, seeing your sex doll beautiful in the picture is a stunner. But when some people bring your sex doll home, they find that the sex doll may be different from what they imagined. Most people are very satisfied with their sex dolls, but some people feel that sex dolls do not meet their expectations. For example, maybe the breast of the sex doll is not as big as he thought, or the sex doll with the non-removable vagina was purchased and found that his sex doll is very difficult to clean. So I can only sell my sex doll and buy a brand new sex doll. After all, when many people buy sex dolls, they may not know how the sex doll feels and how she looks. So there is no shortage of people who feel that sex dolls are not perfect.

Many people think that mini dolls are very delicate and cute, with a small body, not only easy to carry, but also very cheap. But after receiving it, they felt that the body of the sex doll was too small, and they were after the real sex doll touch. It is difficult to satisfy them with long-term use of these sex dolls. So they hope to sell their mini sex dolls and then buy a new exquisite sex doll. If you like mini sex dolls, you will find that there are many second-hand sex dolls on the second-hand market. These dolls have been used soon, and some of them are exactly the same as the new sex dolls, which are very suitable for you to buy.

Are second-hand sex dolls sold online trustworthy?

In some cases, the sex dolls of doll lovers were discovered by their family members, and they did not accept them. Some people, because they have new girlfriends, hope to develop their girlfriends into marriage partners for a lifetime, but hope that their girlfriends accept the best of themselves, so they dare not tell their girlfriends about buying sex dolls. . Or for some other practical reasons, I had to discard my sex doll. But after all, my sex doll has been with me for such a long time. If I throw her into the trash can, I can't bear to throw the sex doll that has been with me into the trash can. So many people think of selling their sex dolls in second-hand stores, hoping to find a perfect home for their sex dolls.

The above are some of the reasons for selling second-hand sex dolls. You can see that there are many different reasons for selling these sex dolls. These sex doll sellers are trustworthy, and their sex dolls are generally of good quality. So in the face of so many sex dolls being used, how should we identify these different curvy love dolls ? Can they be trusted?


Identify trusted sex dolls

We often see the sale and transfer of second-hand sex dolls on the Internet. These second-hand sex dolls are sold at a very cheap price. Many people are excited about this, but they don't know whether they are true or not. So let's take a look at how to identify whether sex dolls sold online are trustworthy.


Watch out for cheap sex dolls

Most of the sellers on the Internet are trustworthy. But there are also a small number of people who are scammers who sell them at low prices, and then collect deposits or other fees under various excuses, but they can't be contacted. So we have to identify the authenticity by ourselves and use the formal second-hand trading platform. These people may not sell sex dolls at all, just to cheat money. For example, he put a picture on the website, but he does not have the doll. So he sells it online, usually at a very low price.

Are second-hand sex dolls sold online trustworthy?

Since the price of the sex doll itself is very high, even the amount of the deposit is relatively high. He will deceive you to pay the deposit first, and you will never be able to contact him again after you have paid the deposit. If you see a very new sex doll, but her price is very cheap, then you need to pay attention. After all, the price of buying a sex doll is really expensive. If he only needs you to pay half the price and you can get an almost brand new sex doll, you must pay attention.


Real shot pictures

Ask the transferor to provide pictures and videos to see if there is any problem with the transferred sex doll. If you are unwilling to use the platform and provide various excuses for not providing real photos and videos, most of them are probably liars. This is also very easy to identify. You can ask the transferor to provide some real pictures of the sex doll. The request is the sex doll that he took by himself. You can specify the parts to be photographed. To prove whether he has this sex doll. It must be a picture he took himself, not some pictures that can be found on the Internet. Therefore, you must carefully identify whether these sex dolls are actually pictures taken by the transferor.

Are second-hand sex dolls sold online trustworthy?

View seller information

Check the homepage of the transferor. If the homepage sold by the transferor has many different dolls for sale, this may be a professional selling second-hand dolls. It is best not to choose this kind of second-hand doll merchants, because the quality of their used real dolls is at a certain risk. It is likely that the sex dolls in the garbage dump are recycled and sold as second-hand sex dolls. You can also check the comments on his homepage of the transferor. If he has sold other goods, you can see what type of goods he bought. You can also judge whether he is trustworthy or not through the evaluation of others. All these small details need to be searched by yourself. You have to understand that these sex dolls are inherently risky, and you need to distinguish good from bad. There are also many doll buyers who have bought their favorite used real dolls, saving a lot of money.

When you buy a second-hand sex doll, you must always remember this principle, that is, price and quality are directly proportional. For customers who want to buy second-hand sex dolls, they must be aware of the purchase and purchase process. After all, the price is very low, and the quality of the product is proportional to its price. If you want high quality, you must accept its price, and if you want a low price, you must suffer from its defects. Generally speaking, second-hand sex dolls will not have too many defects, and the transferor of the doll will generally explain where there are damages or defects in their products on the sales platform. The above is what you need to know how to identify second-hand sex dolls.

Are second-hand sex dolls sold online trustworthy?

Some buyers are very trustworthy, but we also have to beware of those under the guise of second-hand sex dolls. I hope you can find a sex doll that suits your heart. He will continue to accompany you to spend a good time. You can also buy some cheap sex dolls from us . Our cheap sex dolls absolutely guarantee the quality and can bring you a whole new feeling. If you can't accept second-hand sex dolls, please contact us, we will give you the most advanced experience at the lowest price. Take your brand new sex doll home!

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