Are real sex dolls different from real women? |

Are real sex dolls different from real women?

September 05, 2020

With the popularization of sex dolls, many men dream of getting a sex doll of their own. But whenever they imagine that they are having sex with a full-size sex doll, they will always have a lot of doubts in their psychology. What is the difference between having sex with a sex doll and having sex with an ordinary woman? Can sex dolls really replace ordinary women? This makes them feel very annoyed, so they have been postponing the plan to buy realistic sex dolls, wanting to wait for other people's evaluation after purchase. However, buying best sex dolls is a relatively private matter, and many people will not share their own experience after buying and using them. So, today's article is to answer men who have doubts. Let you have a deeper understanding of dolls and women, and then through comparison, you can make better choices. Although sex dolls are made according to the ratio of woman's body size to 1:1, are they really exactly the same?

Are real sex dolls different from real women?


The breasts of sex dolls are made according to the proportions of woman's various cup sizes. Using advanced materials, the touch of the breasts of the big breast sex doll is the same as that of real women. This brings greater tactile stimulation to men. In the process of sex, if men can touch or suck in woman’s breasts, men will produce more excitement with Dopamine. There can also be a more exciting experience during sex. With daily care and cleaning, a sex doll can last for about 8 years. During this period, as long as the life-size doll's skin is not chapped, the doll's chest will not sag. In this period of nearly 10 years, a normal woman’s breasts will sag without proper maintenance. This will greatly reduce the visual stimulation to men during sex.

Are real sex dolls different from real women?



The vagina of the sex doll is also modeled on the female vagina. The vagina of a sex doll is the same as that of a female, except for the appearance, and the experience is similar. In the past, although the vagina of dolls were also very tight, they had no temperature and could only change with the temperature of the environment. So in winter, the doll's vagina is always cold. Nowadays, many advanced sex dolls adopt constant temperature technology, adding heat preservation function to the doll's vagina. When men use mature sex dolls, the penis is no longer cold. This is because some buyers reacted that when their own physiological reaction was about to enter the vagina of a sexy sex doll, their penis instantly softened because of the cold feeling. The comparison of the vagina is comparable. As women move over time, their metabolism will slow down, and their vagina will become more and more loose. Without maintenance and care, when women give birth to a child, their vagina will get bigger. Without care and maintenance, there will be residual semen in the vagina of the doll, which will cause bacterial proliferation over time, which will bring health problems to the male.

Are real sex dolls different from real women?

Face and body

Under normal circumstances, the figure of the curvy doll will not change much. Of course, if she has been abused for a long time, her body will also change. In severe cases, the brace in her body will fall apart. If the baby's face is not cleaned regularly, it will accumulate dust and then slowly turn yellow and black. But the face of the doll is the one that the player chooses according to his own hobbies when purchasing. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the face of the doll, you can only complain that you did not choose it. But normal women, if they maintain a regular life of exercise and control their diet, their body and face will not undergo much deformation. Many women invest in beauty projects to make their body and face age slowly.

Are real sex dolls different from real women?



When you are having sex with women, you can change your posture through communication and experience the process of sex in many ways. But when you have sex with a sex doll, because of the weight limitation, unless you are strong enough to move her at will, you can change the sex position well. Otherwise, the sex process with the doll can only solve your sex needs by maintaining that simple one or two positions.

By comparison, men should better understand the difference between the two. So what are you still hesitating about? There is no conflict between having a doll and having a girlfriend. When your girlfriend is not at home, you can use sex dolls to solve your sexual needs. A cheap sex doll can follow you for more than 5 years, so why bother to think about it? Sex dolls and women have their own advantages, and of course they also have their own shortcomings. Don't hesitate anymore, we can now provide you with good resources, let you choose a doll of your own or customize a sex doll of your own. If you need it, please contact us.

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