Anime sex doll and anime garage kit, what would you choose |

Anime sex doll and anime garage kit, what would you choose

August 26, 2020

Many people like exquisite animation garage kits, especially some otaku. These nerds spend a lot of money every year to buy these exquisite garage kits, especially collecting various garage kits. This is their biggest hobby. Most men like garage kits that burst breasts. These anime female characters look very sexy. But these animation garage kits have a big flaw. It can only be viewed, not used. It has only aesthetic value, not use value.

This makes the lovers of these doll garage kits feel spiritually satisfied, and cannot get the pleasure of physical bliss. So anime sex dolls appeared. This diverse sex doll has more functions, whether it is a big boobs sex doll , or a flat-chested innocent sex doll You can find the partner of your dreams, doll. If it were you, would you choose to buy an anime sex doll or an anime garage kit? This is definitely a good choice.



Both the anime sex doll and the anime garage kit are very delicate, but the garage kit may give you a more refined feeling. This is because the garage kit will be smaller, so you can better grasp the details. Can carve out all the folds on the skirt. These exquisite garage kits look very exquisite, making it hard not to be attracted by her. Relatively speaking, sex dolls are not so exquisite, because anime sex dolls are created after imitating anime characters, but they also incorporate real-life characteristics. This combination of real people and anime makes anime sex dolls less realistic than garage kit. In the animation garage kit, even the folds of the doll's socks are carved exactly the same. This is due to the limitation of materials. The garage kit uses a kind of resin, which can sculpt a doll at will and keep it in shape. But sex dolls can only shape the doll's appearance and figure. Anime sex dolls cannot determine the shape of the clothes. Because the clothes of sex dolls are real clothes, they certainly cannot be compared with virtual garage kits.

The doll's clothes appear to be less authentic. After all, the clothes of sex dolls are realistic clothes, and they will fall naturally. And because of the different processing, the quality of the doll's clothes will be uneven. Generally speaking, the higher the price of doll clothes, the higher the reduction. But just as far as the body of the doll is concerned, the anime sex doll is more real and more refined than the anime garage kit. Especially the heads of sex dolls are all carved by skilled sculptors, which looks extremely real. It's like coming out of anime. And because the height of anime sex dolls is almost the same as a person's height, this makes sex dolls more realistic.

Anime sex doll and anime garage kit, what would you choose

Is it easy to break

We know that many animation garage kit players put their animation dolls in transparent glass cabinets, or in some dust-proof delicate boxes, and dare not use them by themselves. Even if you need to play with it for a while, you are very cautious, afraid of getting your animation garage kit dirty or broken. After all, the money spent on these small animation garage kits is very considerable, and people have to cherish the results of these animation garage kits.

But if you buy an anime sex doll, you don't need to worry about whether she will break. You can even press on her body. Because most of these sex dolls are made of tpe material or silicone material, generally speaking, sex dolls made of silicone material will look more real and will make your sex dolls and animations more reductive. Bring you more new experiences. And the tpe sex doll  is very cheap, you can take your exquisite anime sex doll home with you as long as you spend about one thousand dollars! And can be used for five or six years! If it is well maintained, it can even be used for a longer time.

Anime sex doll and anime garage kit, what would you choose

The skins of these anime sex dolls are soft and flexible, almost exactly the same as real women. So you don't have to worry about your sex doll breaking. You can bend the thighs of your sex doll to any arc at will. To cater to your different preferences, the sex doll is always your gentle wife, she can withstand your different rough movements. Allow you to release your desires in her warm embrace. You don't have to hide your heart anymore, just face your cute sex doll and let her become your most trusted object.

You don't need to treat your sex dolls too carefully, and you don't need to put your anime sex dolls in your glass showcase. All sex dolls are your very good company. You can put your sex doll on the bed at will. As long as you have physical or emotional needs, you can let your sex doll satisfy your different desires.


Comfort of sex

As we all know, the animation garage kit can only be placed on the exhibition hall for people to watch. You are not willing to treat your sex doll roughly, and the price of a sex doll is very expensive, but in the end the animation garage kit you receive is only the size of a palm. You cannot have any desire for such a garage kit. She is more like a girl, you can watch her from afar, but you can't desecrate her. What's more, the maker of your garage kit didn't set a sex vagina for your anime doll. Many sex dolls wear sexy panties on their lower body, or have no gender characteristics.

But besides showing the beauty of your anime character, the sex doll can also satisfy your sex needs. Your sexual needs can be fully satisfied. This is understandable. Because the purpose of sex dolls is to bring you the ultimate experience. She can be your cherished goddess anime character or your soft girlfriend. Your sex doll can surrender under your body and bring you countless pleasures. She is a fusion of two roles, and of course it can bring you more pleasure. The vaginas of the anime dolls are simulated vaginas and can be disassembled, which greatly reduces your difficulty and enhances your sexual passion.

You can even customize your sex doll appropriately. For example, although the appearance of the anime doll is exactly the same as the anime character, you can customize the breast and vagina of the sex doll, which can be determined according to your preferences. But if it is an anime garage kit, you have no idea what kind of body is under the delicate skirt of your garage kit. But if it is an ordinary anime sex doll, you can not only admire her naked body boldly, but also customize your exclusive anime sex doll that can stimulate your desires in advance.

Anime sex doll and anime garage kit, what would you choose

Nowadays, many doll manufacturers have produced many anime sex dolls, such as Wonder Woman anime dolls, Hatsune Miku anime sex dolls, and Sailor Moon sex dolls. These are very popular anime sex dolls . It can absolutely satisfy your sexual fantasy and inject new vitality and vitality into your sexual process. However, having a complete anime character has become a reality. Now you can buy these exquisite anime sex dolls at very cheap and reasonable prices!

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