An ordinary doll carver created beauty |

An ordinary doll carver created beauty

August 24, 2020

When we see so many sex dolls in the picture, we can't help but indulge in her amazing beauty. This female sex doll  has exquisite features and delicate skin, which makes her look very beautiful. You can see her delicate eyebrows and slightly upturned lips, seeming to be smiling at you. These dolls are carefully carved by doll carvers. It is because of their skillful hands that we can see such an exquisite sex doll. The carver played a very important role. Today I will introduce the story behind a sex doll carver to learn more about the sex doll. If you are curious, keep reading!

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Carver Qiao Wu's daily life of carving dolls

After a simple lunch, Qiao Wu hurried back to the factory workshop, turned on the operating lights, set up the tools, and accompanied by the "sandy" rubbing sound of the plastic knife and the sludge, the facial features on the sludge model gradually became clear. Pay attention to the lines on this finger. They are all portrayed in true proportions. Now the details are not enough and need to be added a little bit. Qiao Wu said softly while observing his work with a magnifying glass. This is Qiao Wu's eighth year in designing and making silicone dolls. In this studio, dozens of silicone "gods" were born from him. In the eyes of others, Qiao Wu is a typical post-80s otaku. He graduated from the sculpture class. I like to wear a T-shirt and play with the sludge in my hands until the early morning. I would rather sit in front of the computer and eat instant noodles to watch anime, and would not go out on dates.

Pursuing novelty, standing on a balance car without driving a car. Walking through the streets of Dalian, things that can be repaired by yourself will never give up, even if repair tools need to be purchased at a high price. Qiao Wu agrees with the generally recognized title of "Otaku", and it is the identity of the Otaku that made him a "goddess" maker.

Most otaku will have a lot of virtual friends on the Internet, but in real life they are not satisfactory. I hope that the doll can accompany them in life, become their friends, or even the "perfect goddess". Qiao Wu, who usually doesn't speak much, seemed to be a different person when talking about these dolls. Qiao Wu’s relationship with these dolls dates back to 1995. He saw a group of people and inflatable dolls on the Internet. The protagonist described the story between him and the doll in detail. In this "two-person world", they live and play games together without quarrels and disputes.

An ordinary doll carver created beauty

Qiao Wu began to contact the sex doll industry

Five years ago, Qiao Wu went to the United States to study. During this period, I was exposed to sculpture modeling and Hollywood special effects technology, and my daily work was dealing with various models. One day Qiao Wu accidentally saw the "box of boxes" inflatable dolls placed in the health care product store, and he was shocked.

The aesthetics of Europeans and Americans are very different from those of Easterners, and the technology at that time was not advanced enough. The dolls on the streets of the United States are so ugly, like a "vacuum cleaner", I want to create a "perfect goddess" with silicone. Qiao Wu said as he recalled. Since then, Qiao Wu began to actively collect any information about the doll, waiting for one day to complete his wish to design the "goddess" by himself.

On Qiao Wu's computer case, there are cartoon figures he likes, and they work with Qiao Wu quietly every day. Year 2008

Qiao Wu returned to China and soon, the first silicone doll he made by himself was born. However, due to lack of experience, Qiao Wu's impression of this doll is only two characters "rough", and there are problems with many joints. Even if Qiao Wu has many years of art skills, he still has to learn from scratch to make dolls. Silicone dolls are closer to industrialized products, requiring processes such as designing prototypes, making clay drafts, fine polishing, and casting molds. DIY by one person is far from the standard of selling in the commodity area.

An ordinary doll carver created beauty

Expansion of the doll manufacturing team

Fortunately, this DIY experience allowed Qiao Wu to meet a group of like-minded friends online, and now he has become partners. Everyone likes dolls, we have endless topics together, and we brainstorm every time we have a meeting. Although the styles are different, our goal is the same, that is to be a perfect goddess. Qiao Wu said so.

From going solo to teamwork, Qiao Wu and the goddess in his team's eccentricity are one step closer. Stabilizing the team, Qiao Wu’s first task is to lead everyone to standardize and process the production of dolls, so as to transform them into commodities, from the selection of hair to the torque of screws in the bones, from the temperature in the workshop to the wet and dry environment in which the dolls are stored. . Everywhere has strict requirements. Finally, with everyone's efforts, the "goddess" was born. In many people's minds, silicone dolls are mainly used to solve the physiological needs of the otaku, but Qiao Wu hopes that the doll can solve the spiritual needs of the otaku and become a true "goddess". Although the users who buy these "gods" are no longer just otaku.

Some people like Yujiefeng, some like Loli Fan, and Qiao Wu likes anime sex doll . Among the dozens of dolls he participated in the design and production, not only the figure is , The appearance is not the same. In the early development stage, each model will be given name, personality and other elements. The day it is delivered to the user’s home will become their "date of birth." Whenever he sees a user uploading a picture of a doll dressed up on the Internet, he will be particularly satisfied. Qiao Wu feels that making dolls is a creative process, which can create the perfect woman in her heart. A hairstyle as large as a doll, as small as a nail shape, this kind of creation made him enjoy it.

Today, Qiao Wu has married and had children, but this does not prevent him from continuing to engage in this job. His yearning for beauty has allowed him to get the support of people around him. And he did not shy away from outsiders about his profession. Among the “silica gel goddesses” that have been formed, Qiao Wu frankly said that he has not found his own “perfect goddess”. Although he has devoted his efforts to each one, it is always a little bit worse.

An ordinary doll carver created beauty

From a certain perspective, Qiao Wu is more like a creator, at a time when the pressure of life and work is increasing sharply. He hopes that people can take their beloved "goddess" on bicycles to watch the sunset together. She can not only watch you play games, but also remind you of the refresh time of the dungeon, making you a true "goddess of intelligence". That day should not be far away!

It is Qiao Wu's next development plan to let the "goddess" speak and communicate with users, and even press the switch button of the washing machine at home. The future sex doll robot  will develop to a more perfect stage. We are full of hope for the future of the sex doll robot, and we hope that the future sex doll will be more refined Appearance. Bring us more aesthetic experience. From Qiao Wu's story, we can see the story behind the sex dolls. Different sex dolls carry the ideals and beliefs of various small characters. Sex dolls are by no means simply a tool for venting desires. We can give more love to our sex dolls.

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