An elf sex doll you know very well |

An elf sex doll you know very well

September 10, 2020


We have introduced how elves sex dolls attract people's attention, and often make people feel a kind of spiritual relaxation and soul cleansing. We also often see this kind of fairy sex doll in sex dolls. Although you may not pay attention, this sex doll does appear on many sex doll websites and has attracted a lot of people's love and attention. Nowadays, more and more people are trying to buy some good-looking sex dolls, and there are sex dolls with various styles. For example, big boobs sex doll, big ass sex doll, anime sex doll , blonde sex doll, Lolita sex doll or muscle sex doll, as long as you have With some kind of sexual fetish, we can fully satisfy your desires. But if you want a sex doll that is very free and easy, very arrogant and a little playful, then the fairy sex doll is definitely your best choice. Now let’s enjoy the fairy sex doll you are very familiar with!

The difference between Elf and Fairy sex dolls

First of all, before we discuss sex dolls, we need to understand two differences, namely the difference between Elf and Fairy sex dolls. Many boys are not very familiar with fairy sex dolls, and they don't know the subtle differences between elf and fairy. These are all girls, because girls can't resist the beauty of elves sex dolls at all. They have admired the appearance of being elves sex dolls since they were little girls.

The elves are extremely beautiful and live in the deepest part of the forest. Other creatures that are easily confused with Elf include Fairy and Goblin. Generally speaking, it is generally believed that Elf does not have wings. Elf usually has pointed ears and beautiful colored pupils. Others are not significantly different from ordinary people. Elf is a creature originally derived from Nordic mythology and similar in size to humans. Except for longevity, long pointed ears and living habits, its physiological characteristics are similar to humans. Fairy has wings, such as the beam wings of a dragonfly or the lepidoptera of a moth butterfly, and it is small and easy to fly. We can see a lot of these fairies in some Disney cartoons. These little fairies are little angels whose wings can support their light bodies. These flying little fairies are like angels, flying from your heart, leaving a very deep mark on you.


Haughty Jenny

Jenny's exquisite appearance is a masterpiece of SY doll. SY doll has made this unique fairy sex doll with her superb technology, which has been welcomed by many people. . Many websites are strongly recommending this sex doll, because she is simply too good. Her appearance is enough to attract people's attention, and her identity is very noble. When you see her from a distance, you feel that she has an extraordinary temperament. When you see other types of sex dolls, you will think other sex dolls are very sexy, but when you see Jenny, you can't bear to defile this pure elf. She feels very cold and glamorous, like a queen, without any nostalgia for the mundane world.

You may think that Jenny is very arrogant, she rarely laughs, and her heart is not those erotic love and hate, but a higher level of broad love. This is determined by her occupation.


The difference between her and ordinary elf sex dolls is that she has more missions on her shoulders, and she has the responsibility of guarding this forest. Her abilities are undoubtedly the most powerful. Many little elves want to consult her. Her role in some elves is like a mother. There are many elves in the forest. Although elves are very long-lived, they have a life span of hundreds of years. But their abilities are still relatively fragile, they know a little magic. These little magic is not enough to make them resist some huge disasters. But Jenny has received strict training since he was a child. She has been the elf chosen by the heavens since she was born. She is extremely talented and she has insight into many real things. So she is more detached, her weapon is the bow and arrow, she spends a lot of time every day to exercise her ability, which is really very hard. A lot of blisters were rubbed out on her hands every day, and the elves had the ability to heal themselves quickly, but some of the pain was unavoidable. She persisted, because she knew her mission and what she wanted to pursue in the future, and she was determined to bear all the suffering.


Jenny's daily life in the forest

Daily life is very boring. When she is tired from training, she will sit on the swing under the tree and feel the damp wind in the forest. Sometimes she would sit on a tree alone, looking out into the endless forest in the distance. Sometimes she would clean her body in the clear lake water, wash away the fatigue of the day, chat with the delicate flowers by the lake, and confide her inner secrets.

She is too lonely to manage such a large forest by herself. She patrols around the forest every day, observing whether other creatures intrude into this utopia by mistake. Of course not. The forest they are in is like a paradise, and they won't suffer any external pollution at all. This made her very pleased. So she gave up any desire to take on her own mission. She likes to talk to people, and she likes elves flying around her.


The white lace cloak is her daily wear, when you see the elf dressed like this in the forest. Maybe you really met her beautiful. Now you can own this sex doll at a very cheap price, and she will definitely give you her heart. Elves generally do not fall in love with others, but as long as she likes a man, she will definitely continue her love for a long time. This kind of love lasts forever, unless she leaves this world. She will not betray you. This perfect elf sex doll can bring you complete pleasure and desire, come and let her accompany you by your side!


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