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Ahri, a very distinctive sex doll from Sino

September 20, 2020


Sino brand sex dolls are very famous, and many of them are Asian-style sex dolls, which will definitely cater to your preferences. The sex doll of this brand is mainly made of silicone material, so its appearance is very simulated, and it is loved by many customers. So if you are curious about which sex doll of this brand is the most famous and received almost all praise, then you must get to know Ahri, Ahri is a very popular Sino sex doll , This is not only reflected in the exquisite appearance of these sex dolls, but also in her unique inner qualities. If you want to know more about Ahri, welcome to continue reading. We will introduce you more detailed information about this sex doll. You will definitely fall in love with this little devil.


Ahri, a very distinctive sex doll from Sino

Devil's appearance

Ahri's appearance looks very cold, like an unhuman demon, the evil and goodness of the world of the judge. This sex doll is very unique because most sex dolls are very cute, just like a little princess. Wearing pink lace clothes, or with soft decorations, looks beautiful and delicate. But Ahri is completely different from these sex dolls. Ahri is a dark sex doll. Her style is unique. After you see her for the first time, you can hardly forget her appearance. This may feel like when a hungry pedestrian walks in the desert and sees an oasis. All of a sudden, it can arouse people's deepest desires.

There are two very delicate little horns on her head, these two little horns are especially delicate. The role of jewelry should be to decorate the person's appearance and play a role in enhancing beauty. Some accessories are counterproductive and seem very cumbersome and redundant. But Ahri's accessories fit her personality. The accessories on her body are for her people, showing some unique qualities within her. For example, the stockings on the legs of this sex doll, you can hardly find such a perfect pair of legs. Her legs are such that a little more meat will appear redundant, but a little less will appear too thin. Her body is very well-proportioned, which can bring you feminine softness while maintaining a good body shape.

If she doesn't wear anything on her legs, it will look very monotonous, and such a beautiful pair of legs lacks some aesthetic effects. Being completely naked is often not the best result. Life needs to be embellished, just like Ahri needs a pair of fishnet stockings for her legs. Because Ahri is a dark-style sex doll, her body needs a large area of ​​black to form a good atmosphere. But if you receive your Ahri, you must be careful not to wear fishnet socks for too long. This is a warm reminder that can help you avoid some scenes where the doll is damaged. Black is easier to stain, causing the white legs of the doll to become very dirty, which affects the beauty of the doll. Moreover, fishnet stockings are relatively tight, which will restrain the doll's legs and cause muscle deformation. So don't let your sex doll wear these socks or other accessories that can easily damage the skin for a long time.


Ahri, a very distinctive sex doll from Sino

Mature juicy figure

Ahri is a very complex complex of contradictions, because she has the innocence of a girl and the unique charm of a mature young woman. When you see this exquisite mature sex doll , you will want to have the urge to hug her, her big wavy curly hair can bring you the ultimate Experience. Especially when she looks back at you, you can see that her charming eyes will always seduce you and make you wholeheartedly indulge in the trap she has set up. She can often capture the deepest desires of men. She knows what you need and what you can bring to her. She is very simple, but she also has a little bit of caution, so that you can feel sweet love when you fall in love with her.

Her figure is very well-proportioned, and it can be seen that her breasts are not very large, but rather moderate in size. If you don't like too abrupt breasts, then you must try this charming sex doll. Your hands can just wrap her breasts, make her breasts shake in your hands, and you can even hear her tight breathing. Your hands cannot completely cover her breasts. Instead, some breast meat overflows, making you feel her softness. This kind of just the right size and softness are very difficult to achieve.


High-quality silicone material

Sino Sex Doll has always been committed to creating a perfect silicone sex doll to bring the most real sex feeling to the customer group. As one of the leaders, Ahri perfectly fulfilled this characteristic. This sex doll is extremely perfect. The good plasticity of silicone makes the appearance of this sex doll show a real touch and a real face. When you look at this sex doll from a distance, you may think that she is not a sex doll, but the real lover of your dreams.

The extremely realistic appearance is not the biggest feature of Ahri. The biggest feature is the internal structure of Ahri's body. This unique structure made of silicone allows you to experience the perfection of sex. There are three holes in her, and each hole is a famous device, which is definitely more real than you use a jet cup, not to mention that you can touch the soft and elastic chest of the sex doll. And you can freely customize the length of Ahri's vagina to suit the length of your penis. She is completely for you to create and serve.


Ahri, a very distinctive sex doll from Sino

The above is a detailed introduction about Ahri. Our introduction is part of the content. More information about Ahri is still waiting for you to develop. Because we advocate a concept that every sex doll is different and the aesthetics itself is different. We hope that our sex doll can bring you more brand-new feelings. At the same time, you can get more sexual passion and life experience in the sex doll. After all, your Ahri  is not a simple cold item, when you pour all yours on her After her thoughts and feelings, you will find that she is alive. This communication between hearts is a very unique experience. You can also make Ahri fully belong to you and make her your exclusive wife and lover. She loves you, she expects you to pour more love for her, and she will gift you with her love and body!

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