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A sex doll manufacturer quietly growing in Guangdong

August 11, 2020

In this field of "shy to talk publicly", a small doll manufacturing factory in Zhongshan dared to break through the limitations of the times and produce sex dolls that meet the needs of the public; in this category and under the wave of artificial intelligence, the AI ​​dolls developed by the factory gradually Enter the fields of elderly care and home intelligence. Such a small doll manufacturing factory has developed in such an environment, and has been continuously recognized by consumers, and its craftsmanship in making dolls has also been constantly perfected.

It seems to be a representative sex doll manufacturer, and has gradually become a large doll factory. And the manufacturer caters to the trend of the times and has developed many different sex dolls for sell , which are suitable for the needs of more people. It has been a great success. Maybe your sex doll is produced in this sex doll factory! If you are curious about this factory, keep reading.


Doll manufacturers have a forward-looking vision

In Zhongshan, Guangdong, the mottled signboards of the Shishan Industrial Zone are hidden among the greenery, in a quiet old factory. The owner of this factory, Liu Jiangxia, is introducing the production process of the simulation entity doll on the assembly line to the customer. This is the normal state of her work-less than 10:30 in the morning, she has received the third group of customers who came to discuss cooperation, and she was too busy to take a sip of water.

At the same time when Liu Jiangxia finalized another collaboration, each "body" covered by a transparent plastic bag was transported out of the warehouse, and packed into a huge box along with the carefully made-up "head", wig and clothing. Shipped at home and abroad.

In the fiercely competitive field of artificial humanoid model manufacturing, this small factory in Zhongshan firmly occupies the top position of the national mid-to-high-end simulation doll market sales, and has a pivotal position in the country and even the world.

Liu Jiangxia's eyes don't stop there. The wave of artificial intelligence has just emerged, and she led the technical team to create an AI simulation doll that can speak and become the "first crab-eating" manufacturer; now, these AI dolls are gradually entering the elderly care, home intelligence, etc. In the field, backed by Guangdong's good manufacturing foundation, we hope to explore some different possibilities in the application scenarios of simulated human figures.

A sex doll manufacturer quietly growing in Guangdong

These dolls feel like real people

After pouring the humanoid model body weighing tens of kilograms out of the mold, the female worker Xiao Wang picked it up and moved it to the workbench, cut off the protruding mold lines on both sides of the "body" with scissors, and ironed each piece with a soldering iron. A flaw. Afterwards, she carried the "body" to the washing area, cleaned it with shower gel, wiped it dry, applied talcum powder, and transferred it to the semi-finished product area-this series of work took a long time, even if it had been four years. The experienced and swift little king can only handle one in the morning, "add half of it at most."

In the semi-finished area on the third floor, foundation, blush, and eye shadow lined up in front of female worker Wu Yongmei. Her job is to apply appropriate makeup on the model's face. On a spherical gel that does not distinguish facial features, Wu Yongmei fills cotton and plastic eyeballs in the eye openings, attaches false eyelashes, and then uses a brush to finely draw the shape of the eyebrows. It takes 40 minutes to an hour to process a head makeup.

Bathing, wiping, applying makeup, making nails, and making hair, every step is as careful as caring for a real person. In order to meet the individual requirements of more people, the factory provides 7 skin tones, more than 260 face shapes and 11 body shapes. Customers can freely combine them according to their preferences. Details include pupil color, nail color, facial makeup, etc. .

A sex doll manufacturer quietly growing in Guangdong

The surface of these simulated solid dolls simulates the texture of the skin with sandpaper, which is very similar to real people regardless of size, structure, and appearance. What is even more surprising is that the upgraded version of the doll even has a heating wire embedded to ensure that it maintains a body temperature close to 37 degrees of the human body, and has the same softness, elasticity and visual sense as real skin.


The new trend of the market and the times

"Lucy, I think you are stupid."

"I'm looking for you because I'm stupid, why are you looking for you when I'm clever?"

The mouth, eyes, and eyebrows can move, and they can respond wittily to the daily "mocking". The physical doll that integrates beauty and artificial intelligence has become a star product in the simulation doll industry. With the rise of the concept of artificial intelligence in recent years, Liu Jiangxia has keenly sensed the direction of the wind, "There are some robots on the market. The artificial intelligence technology is very good, but the shape is not truly human. We have advantages in humanization. Can we use the technology? An organic combination with the shape?"

In 2016, she invested in the research and development of AI physical dolls, and officially launched them on the market in April 2017, becoming the earliest "tester"-although each price is at least 10,000 yuan, there are still many customers Ask and send an order.

A sex doll manufacturer quietly growing in Guangdong

Lucy can realize various adjustments of blinking, smiling, ups and downs of eyebrows, and body posture. It can also communicate with the outside world through the intelligent voice system. Because the search database is embedded in the program, she can also query various information in real time, including the day News, weather, etc. In addition to Lucy, there are many countries that have developed this kind of AI smart robot sex doll , for example, the very famous samantha sex doll and henry sex doll, It's amazing the great creativity of mankind.

The research and development of the robot doll is still in progress. They have reconfigured the voice system to control facial expressions more precisely. If the machine parts inside can be mass-produced, the production cost will be greatly reduced. This is undoubtedly a huge good opportunity for us. Because although the robot sex dolls have appeared on the market now, these sex dolls have excellent facial expressions and management, which are very delicate and natural. But it is this kind of sex doll that discourages more people, although they like it very much. But the price of this sex doll is very high. But if the price of robot sex dolls can drop, it will stimulate more people's consumption. They even more expect to get such a novel sex doll.

A sex doll manufacturer quietly growing in Guangdong

It is very obvious that the vision of this sex doll has been limited to making sex dolls. They have developed intelligent robots with more functions. Of course, these robots are not used for sex. But put it into a wider range of use, which brings us more convenience in life. The era of robots is coming, and robots with teaching, display, and care functions will be produced in the future. Continuously meeting our human physical and emotional needs is a boon for us. We are looking forward to a sex doll that can interact with us emotionally, and hope that they can be more intelligent. And we also look forward to the various conveniences that future robots will bring to our external lives. We seem to be able to see the light. If you want to know more information, welcome to follow realdollshop. You can also watch more about sex dolls videos on our website , I believe you will know more about sex dolls More comprehensive!

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