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A clever trick for saving doll expansion

July 01, 2020


You may have caused sex doll products to pay too much. Are you curious about where you are spending too much? You could have saved more money. If you are curious, then read on!

This amazing substitute is corn starch, which can replace the role of talc. Whether you buy a lot of talc powder in your house, the price of talc powder is even higher, but if you want to save on expansion, corn starch will be one of your best choices. I have always used corn starch and have never had any problems.


 A clever trick for saving doll expension

Why apply talcum powder

First of all, it is determined by the material of the doll itself. The material of the tpe sex doll and the silicone doll itself will secrete oil, especially silicone. When the sex doll is placed for a long time, the silicone oil will be secreted from the skin surface of the doll, which brings us not Good touch. The feeling is sticky and cannot be erased. It's like removing the tape, but it still retains the tacky feel of the glue, which is not a good touch.

In fact, this is the same as women's cosmetics in our daily lives. Women will use a powder after the entire makeup is completed. This powder can effectively remove excess oil produced on the skin surface to achieve the effect of oil balance. When you use this After planting powder, your female skin will not feel sticky. On the contrary, it is very refreshing, but it maintains the stability of the entire makeup well and does not take off the makeup easily.

Sex dolls are also the same reason. When you use talc powder, the oil on the surface of the doll material can be absorbed well, and it will not feel sticky when touched. This can give you a more comfortable feeling, make you feel smoother and smoother, and can effectively protect the surface skin of the sex doll.

In addition, after you have cleaned the doll, and the moisture on the doll is almost dry, you need to apply some talcum powder to the doll. Because what you see has an appearance, the outside of the doll is dry. However, there are many small concentrations inside the doll. These small holes will absorb moisture.

When the moisture on the surface of the baby's skin has dried, the small holes inside have not yet dried. Talc powder can effectively absorb these excess water, keep the pores in the skin in a dry state, which is more conducive to the maintenance of the doll. Prevent the growth of bacteria generated by excess water inside the doll.


 A clever trick for saving doll expension 

Why can corn starch replace talc?

If talc powder is used, it is technically safer for the mold. But corn starch will not produce any effect during use. In fact, many powders can absorb excess fat and water, it can be said that flour or other plant ground powder.

 The advantage of corn starch is that its powder texture is especially delicate, you can buy a pack to try. Its color is very white, and the powder is particularly fine. When you touch it with your hands, you will feel your fingers lightly walk on the silk, evoking all kinds of beautiful associations.

And talc index, corn starch has a lot less flavor, in fact, I think that too fragrant is also a kind of harm to us. There are many chemicals in the fragrance. When we ingest and metabolize our body, it causes various harms, not to mention that we use our tongue to lick the skin of the dolls that these fragrances have wiped.



 A clever trick for saving doll expension

 Corn starch uses all-natural materials. It is itself a raw material for food softening. It is extracted from corn and will not cause any harm to our bodies. In fact, this is also a very good material, so our lives become more environmentally friendly and healthy.

In addition, the price of corn starch is much cheaper than talc. You can take a look at the baking area of the supermarket. The price of corn starch there is beyond your imagination. Imagine that there is a powder that is cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and healthier than talc. Why don't we choose this material?

  A clever trick for saving doll expension 

Precautions for use

You don't have to buy expensive corn starch, just use the cheapest ordinary starch. The difference between them is very small, there is no essential difference.

Remember, powdering is the last step after washing. For best results, the sex doll after washing must be completely dry before proceeding to the next step. If it is not completely dry, the powder will stick to the doll's body and can't be photographed. You may need to clean your sex doll again.

You can absorb more powder on the surface of the doll's skin and then pat her gently on the palm. Gently pat, the excess will fall off, leaving a thin and even coating, then your doll will show the cleanest and beautiful gesture.

Maintaining a high-quality sex doll is a very important step you need to do, which will greatly extend the using life of the doll. When we look deeply, many things we can use cheaper and healthy price alternatives, which may help the specifications of the doll. If you want to know more about the maintenance of sex dolls, please contact us more!

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