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A British company launches transgender sex doll

July 31, 2020

With the popularity of sex dolls, sex dolls are becoming more and more well-known today. Many people's mentality went from being perverted and incomprehensible at first, but later they changed their views. These sex dolls are not mechanical individuals, but objects that allow us to bet on our feelings. Her face is exquisite, just like a real person. You can't help but treat her as a real person, and at the same time facing your sex doll, you will show the truest side of yourself to the sex doll.

These sex dolls are simply stunners in the world. Today's sex doll industry has also designed many sex doll styles, these styles will make you feel your sex doll more attractive. New types of sex dolls are now designed, such as the shemale real doll  launched some time ago. Of course, there are still many companies that advocate the combination of VR technology and AI technology with sex dolls. These sex dolls have more functions and can meet the diverse needs of customers.

A British company launches transgender sex doll

The launch of British transsexual sex dolls

The British company said that in order to meet the needs of the public, they will launch the first "transexual sex doll" with a detachable penis in the UK. The company that designed this ts sex doll said that the name of the new product is Alondra and the price is 1,300 pounds (about NT$50,000). A spokesperson for the company said that they "have heard the public demand" and launched this transgender sex doll. She added that dealers "notice that the demand for hermaphrodite sex dolls like transgender groups is increasing."

The special feature of this sex dolls for gay men is that the device has detachable replacement penis, vagina, and breasts, and can be customized according to the user's preferences, and can even coat the doll's toenails with customer awkwardness colour. According to reports, this new product has already aroused enthusiastic responses from customers on the company's website.

The UK's largest sex doll manufacturer said in a statement: "As a company, we hope to be able to tolerate different sexual orientations and launch dolls of different genders. We hope that shemale love dolls can be seen as moving towards the adult toy industry. Development in an inclusive direction."

In recent years, with the increasing number of lonely hearts, huge advances in sex doll manufacturing technology have been detonated. Last month, another company, 1AM Doll, told Daily Star Online that after the latest AI upgrade, their company's new sex robot is "almost no different from real people."

A British company launches transgender sex doll

More functional sex dolls released

The company's president said: "I think it's not far to make sex robots indistinguishable from real people." He added: "In the past few years, the research and development of robotics and artificial intelligence has been widely reported, so The public is aware of the rapid advancement of these technologies. Over the years, I think we have made great progress in reality, but I hope that there will be more innovations in the future."

We are in an era of innovation, and the future is constantly developing. What we are facing is a more volatile society and future. These sex dolls can already see some trends in the future development. With the further deepening of social modernization, what we are facing is a more serious spiritual crisis. The feelings between people may become more and more strange. As a member of society, we cannot express our feelings. Sex dolls are a good outlet for us to vent. The feelings between people are getting colder, you will find out. We rely on sex dolls to help us alleviate these serious mental crises. We tell these sex dolls what we cannot say to real people. Sex dolls are a bit like a little girl's feelings for Barbie dolls. When her parents are not at home, she chats with Barbie dolls, dresses Barbie dolls, and dresses up Barbie dolls. These emotions are similar, the sex doll can always accompany us. Until we no longer need her.

Any industry needs innovation, and dolls are constantly changing. From the so-called "Dutch wife" at the beginning to inflatable dolls, and now some sex dolls. These dolls are constantly improving, and sex dolls have been greatly improved in many ways. Whether it is the touch of the doll's skin, the facial features of the doll, or some of the accessories in the doll's body, it is becoming more and more refined. You sometimes even wonder if this is a real person or a sex doll?

A British company launches transgender sex doll

Innovation can bring more upgrades and vitality. Just like flowing water, flowing water brings us more vitality and vitality. Only flowing water can maintain a clean state. If it is a pool of stagnant water with no flowing water, this kind of unchanging water will eventually be replaced. The same is true for sex dolls. Only by constantly updating and updating can we maintain the vitality of this industry. Only then will this kind of doll that can stimulate people's interest be launched, and only then will there be the idea of applying AI technology or VR technology to sex dolls.


Worries caused by sex dolls

But these sex dolls also arouse people's worries: sexual fantasies that may induce pedophilia and sexual assault. Earlier this year, a new report warned that sex dolls modeled after minors might encourage pedophilia. Although many people think that sex dolls can help reduce the possibility of pedophiles committing crimes, because pedophiles themselves like teen sex dolls. When they use these young sex dolls , their inner desires can be well satisfied, thereby reducing the chance of social crime. But at the same time, it will induce more people to have a pedophile desire. This kind of pedophile inspired by sex dolls is much more than the number of people who already have pedophiles. of. Therefore, these worries are reasonable, and we should also pay attention to them.

The Australian Institute of Criminology claims that some seemingly too young sex robots may provide pedophiles with pre-criminal "practices". Some sex therapists and psychologists argue that sex dolls with young teeth should be provided to pedophiles to prevent them from sexually assaulting real children. Last year, Britain's first sex doll brothel was forced to close its doors amid protests from angry people.

A British company launches transgender sex doll

From this point of view, sex dolls are still facing a very serious reality. On the one hand, manufacturers continue to innovate new products, and more and more new sex dolls  are manufactured. At the same time, it is the negative voice of the society, they are afraid that the appearance of sex dolls will increase the chance of social crime. In fact, this is not difficult to understand, because the appearance of everything has a positive and negative side.

There is no absolutely perfect and harmless thing. But we also need to understand that different sex dolls can help us resolve mental and emotional loneliness and helplessness. When we face the future, what we should think about is how to solve these deficiencies and gradually improve our sex dolls. Instead of blindly negating, thus stifling this emerging industry.

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