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99 The life of police academy in the dream of sex doll dolls---The bad thing Shuxun encountered 7

January 14, 2021

Mixue is a doll made of TPE+silicone material. This is Mixue's dream story, the story she and her roommate are giving to the Police Academy.

sanhui dollsanhui 1sanhui 2sanhui 3sanhui 4sanhui 5sanhui 6"Have you heard of Shuxun, who specializes in cyber security and law enforcement?" "I don't know, is she famous?" "It's really famous, the famous green tea bitch (very pure appearance, completely inconsistent thoughts and behavior. Derogatory term)" "What did she do?" "I heard that she owns several boats and has a relationship with several boys. And, ah, she often shows her weakness in front of boys. Innocent, completely different from her usual character "Then she is really shameless..." Mixue and the others listened to the conversation next door. They finished their meal quickly and returned to the dormitory with a complicated mood. At 10 o'clock in the evening, Shu Xun returned to the dormitory with a smile, holding a gift box in his hand, slowly returning to his seat, and taking out his mobile phone to chat. Xu Xu was a little impatient, "Are you walking in a few boats, ambiguous with a few boys?" He Hui glanced at Shu Xun and said nothing. "Gossip" Shu Xun did not stop, and answered Xu Xu casually. "We don't want to worry about it. If you have enough patience, don't let people chat about you everywhere and pass it on to us." Shu answered indifferently. At this time, Shu Xun put down the phone, glanced at Shu, and said, "I know." Mixue believed that the incident had passed and had nothing to do with them, but two days later, Shuxun did not return to the bedroom after 11 o'clock. As the person in charge of the dormitory, Michelle was a little worried. The dormitory closes at 10:30. Shuxun never spent the night outside. Therefore, she decided to call her. After a long time, she did not answer the phone. She suspected something was wrong with Shuxun, and immediately amplified her voice and said, "Shun Xun may have something wrong!" Xu Xu, Shu and Hehui all looked back at the mixue. "Notify her counselor?" Xu Xu said. "I don't have the phone number of her counselor." Mixture replied. After a moment of silence, "I'm going to find her." "We don't know where she is. The school is too big..., forget it, I will go with you." Xu Xu said. Shu didn't speak, but apparently she started to change clothes. After thinking for a while, He Hui said, "I will go too." The dormitory was closed at this time. Fortunately, they lived on the second floor and left the dormitory easily. They walked along this road. Analysis: It is possible that they are suitors of her ambiguous boy, they should be girls. If it was a fight, then she should have come back at this time, but she has not yet come back. Moreover, the school is relatively strict, except for weekends, under normal circumstances, it is impossible to leave school. Therefore, she may be locked, and in a far away place, almost no one heard. And she lost her mobile phone and couldn't contact us. The conclusion is that she is locked in a gymnasium under construction. As it is under construction, almost no one is there and the location is relatively remote. After they arrived, everyone went to different floors to find them, and finally Shu found Shu Xun on the fourth floor. The door of that room was locked and the windows were high. Shu Xun notified them to come over via mobile phone. Then he asked Shu Xun, "Is there anything inside that you can touch the window?" "No, there is nothing inside." Shuxun answered calmly. In fact, it is dark and empty. As a student of the Police Academy, she is not afraid, but if she does not go to class the next day, she will encounter big trouble. Michelle and the others arrived quickly, and they found the wooden stairs in the stadium together, and finally Shuxun came out of the stairs. On the way back, no one spoke, and the atmosphere was very quiet. Ha Hui took out a piece of bread and handed it to Shuxun, without saying anything.To be continued, the next chapter is more exciting.

sanhui 6sanhui 8sanhui 9sanhui 10sanhui 11sanhui 11sanhui 12

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