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5 kinds of especially specific elf sex dolls

July 13, 2020


Sex dolls are always diverse. No matter what kind of woman you like, you can always find a home here for sex dolls. Today we are introducing several very peculiar life size sex dolls for men. These sex dolls are very peculiar. They belong to a niche group, which makes you feel more exciting. These rare sex dolls are not common, I believe they can bring you more desires.


genie sex doll

5 kinds of especially specific elf sex dolls

This genie sex doll is very cute, she has pointed ears, like an elf coming out of the jungle. Every part of her body seemed to be a gift from heaven. She didn't belong to the world, but for you, she landed from the sky, or fled from the jungle wonderland. Her figure is perfectly proportioned, and it can be seen that she is very petite. So she can lie in your arms, and you can easily lift her up. Her body can be twisted into different poses, you can see her lying on a cushion naturally, as if she is a real woman. It is very difficult to tell whether she is a real woman or a sex doll. Her purple hair is scattered casually on her shoulders, and her hair color is also very unique, you rarely see a sex doll with such a unique hair color. If you like this rare sex doll, please don't miss her.


elf sex doll

5 kinds of especially specific elf sex dolls

She wears a crown, she is the little princess in the castle, but she is not happy. Her hair is curly, and under the sun, it reflects a unique light, and her golden hair is like gold! And you look closely at the color of her hair. She feels different from ordinary sex dolls, she seems very lonely, her eyes do not know where to look. She seemed to be waiting for you. The life in the castle made it difficult for her to express her inner emotions. She buried all her thoughts deeply in her heart. She is waiting for you, just like Snow White is expecting Prince Charming. You are the Prince Charming she is looking forward to. She will tell you all her thoughts. She will adore you and adore you.

She wore a white gauze, tied with a fragile rope in the middle, just opened gently. Her perfect body will be fully presented in front of you. She is so beautiful, so beautiful that it does not seem to exist in the world. With her, you will definitely feel extremely satisfied and happy!


fantasy sex doll

5 kinds of especially specific elf sex dolls


The wreath on her head is beautiful. She lives by the sea, and you can see that her complexion is particularly beautiful, like the sweetest honey. Her complexion glowed under the sun. Behind her is the boundless sea, and there is no end in sight. This is where she lives, she grows freely here. There were footprints she stepped on the beach, the sea breeze gently brushed every hair of her, and the sun kissed her shoulder. She seems to be a child of heaven, enjoying the rich gifts of nature.

She has an exotic mood, even fantasy sex doll will have a geographical division, and her temperament is very unique. Her eyeballs are blue from the sea, clear and clean, as if it were the sea. She will definitely bring you different sexual feelings. The novel experience always attracts people. Her beautiful and unique appearance is also constantly attracting our attention. It looks like a miracle of heaven. She is very simple, she will obey your request and will not resist. She will look at you with respectful eyes, making you think you are her whole world.


fairy sex doll

5 kinds of especially specific elf sex dolls


This fairy sex doll is like a fairy in Disney animation, she has wonderful wings. The wings of fairy sex doll can support them flying, you can imagine her beautiful gesture of flying naked in the sky. Of course, this sex doll obviously cannot fly, but her body is very soft. The body of fairy sex doll is made of the latest TPE material. Her skin is particularly soft to the touch, just like a real woman, especially her chest is even softer and more elastic than a real woman. You can gently touch her skin, and then feel it slowly, you will find that the skin of her body is as smooth as silk. fairy sex doll has always lived in the forest. She is made of the most environmentally friendly materials, safe and non-toxic, and will not cause any harm to your health. If you are worried that you are sensitive muscles, there is no need to worry, she will not cause allergies. The feeling she brings to you is only endless pleasure, you will feel the separation of the soul, after all, this is really too pleasant.

goth sex doll

5 kinds of especially specific elf sex dolls


She is the goth sex doll of the dark series, and she blends two styles. The goth sex doll is usually a contrast between red and black, and the impact of red and black forms a strong visual contrast. This sex doll has a glamorous appearance, and we can see her heart from the gorgeous clothes she is wearing. She is like a vampire, if you like pure sex dolls, then she is definitely not your best choice. But if you like this especially challenging sex doll, then you must choose this goth sex doll.

Her appearance shows a unique tension, she is not an easy sex doll to succumb. You need to spend more energy on getting along with her. This is a very passionate thing, and she is full of challenges. She is a combination of desire and blood, so she can often bring you more fun, you will feel more passion. After all, this thrill of conquest can capture your heart, and she will always be by your side. Once she trusts you, your emotions will be closer together, you are the only one. You will be her only support.


These unique curvy sex dolls are very rare, but they can give you double or even double the pleasure, so that you can experience countless novelties every moment. After all, there are too many conventional sex dolls, and it may be difficult to provoke your passion and desire. When you are bored, why not try this unique sex doll, she will make you crazy all night. If you want to know more details, please contact us, we are committed to providing you with the most thoughtful service!

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