YL Dolls 155cm A cup | Sex Doll - Heidi

Heidi is a ski expert. You can imagine how much she likes skiing. You must wear her ski suit even when taking pictures. She will not say too much, because she put all her energy on skiing. She was not a skiing person from the beginning, all her achievements were due to her hard work. Her efforts have made her such an outstanding person.

Size & Info

  • Brand              YL
  • Doll size           YL 155cm A cup (Small Breasts)
  • Height             155cm / 5ft 1
  • Head               84
  • Weight kg        31kg
  • Weight lbs       68lbs
  • Full bust          72cm
  • Under-bust      65cm
  • Waist               58cm
  • Hip                  81cm
  • Foot length     21cm
  • Leg length       83cm
  • Arm length      65cm
  • Shoulders        35cm
  • Vagina depth   17cm
  • Anus depth     17cm
  • Oral depth       13cm
  • Cup size           A
  • Material          TPE

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