WM 165cm Small Breast Sex Doll Elaine

WM Doll

Elaine is a quiet woman and a typical Japanese woman. She is very gentle and can give you constant care and understanding. Her white skin is so charming that it's hard not to be attracted by her appearance. She looks innocent, she will treat you with the most sincere heart.

But her extraordinary performance on the sheets will shock you. Do you want to try? You can change her into a variety of erotic clothes, because her figure is excellent and will show you the effect you want.

But maybe you are her prince charming. Let her live with you, read together, play games, watch movies...


Height 165cm B(As Model)
Breast 91cm
Waist 52cm
Hip 89cm
Cross Shoulder 34cm
Arm length 50cm
Hand length 16cm
Leg length 88cm
Foot length 19cm
Arm circumference 23cm
Thigh circumference 44cm
Calf circumference 28cm
Neck circumference 27cm
Net Weight 35kg
Gross Weight 43kg