SY 140cm Closed Eyes Realistic Petite Sex Doll Enid

Enid's figure is also petite, she is very cute. But her body can bring you countless desires, and she can ignite your inner desires. Her purple hair is extremely rare, which is a unique sign of your sex doll. Her delicate collar bones and chest tilt make her eroticism come to life. The genitals on sex dolls should be visually and physically irritating. Come and have her.

Doll Measurements:

  • Height: 140cm | 4ft 7in
  • Weight: 24kg | 52.9bs
  • Breast: 71cm | 28.0in
  • Waist: 51cm | 20.1in
  • Hip: 79cm | 31.1in
  • Foot Length: 15cm | 5.9in
  • Thigh Length: 39cm | 15.4in
  • Calf Length: 25cm | 9.8in

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