SM Dolls 136cm Elf Sex Doll - Elora

SM Doll

Elora is an elf in the mountains. She has never set foot in human society, and has retained the simplest innocence. She has a very pure psychology, without the vulgarity and vulgarity of the outside world. When communicating with her, you will feel the clear spring wandering in your heart. Obtained the purity and release of the soul. She has no friends, her friend is a deer in the forest. Play with her every day, the small trees in the jungle are her habitat.

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Size & Info

  • Head: 64 (Elf)
  • Height: 136 cm
  • Weight: 28kg 
  • Shoulder breadth: 33 cm
  • Upper bust: 76cm
  • Lower bust: 46cm
  • Waist: 37 cm
  • Hip: 84 cm
  • Arms: 53 cm
  • Thigh-length: 33cm
  • Calf length: 35cm
  • Foot: 18 cm
  • Mouth depth: 13 cm
  • Vaginal depth: 17 cm
  • Anal depth:15 cm