JY Dolls 170cm Huge Breasts Sex Doll | Hinako


Hinako has long white hair, and mysteriously hooks people like an elf coming out of the movie. She has fair skin and smooth, slim waist, big breasts and long legs. She is like a heroine in a movie, beautiful and charming. If you like Hinako, quickly place an order and bring her back to your house. 

Needless to say, it is her back, even every strand of her hair, every fingernail tip, or to put it another way, on every pixel in the picture with her, you can find the creator's gentle and extreme imagination. Find the warm sun that rises again and again in my heart. She is perfect, even a gift from heaven.

Size & Info

  • Head: 89
  • Brand: JY DOLL
  • Body: JY 170cm Big Breasts
  • Head: 89
  • Material: TPE
  • Skeleton: Steel
  • Height: 5ft 5 in (170 cm)
  • Arm length: 66 cm | 26.0 inch
  • Leg length: 90 cm | 35.4 inch
  • Foot length: 21 cm | 8.3 inch
  • Full bust: 100 cm | 39.4 inch
  • Underbust: 58 cm | 22.8 inch
  • Waist: 56 cm | 22.0 inch
  • Hip: 98 cm | 38.6 inch
  • Oral depth: 12 cm | 4.7 inch
  • Vaginal depth: 16 cm | 6.3 inch
  • Anal depth: 14 cm | 5.5 inch
  • Package size: 154 x 41 x29 cm

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not so good

The whole doll fits my imagination. But I am not very satisfied with one feature of the doll, which is the doll's wig. The doll’s wig is very beautiful, which makes the doll feel like a new life. But the wig of this doll is not easy to care for. It is always difficult for me to comb her wig, and her hair is often knotted. Especially my sex doll hair itself is curly, so it is easy for me to corrode the doll's hair. But in other respects, my sex doll is simply perfect!