JY 158cm leopard print sex doll Rsrea


Rsrea is a leopard girl, she likes leopard print. Leopard print can well highlight her unique character, because she will not be fettered by the world. She lives in a chic and comfortable life, and no social pressure will make her succumb. She has an independent personality and won the respect of many people. She is like a cheetah in the African savannah, free and unrestrained.

Rsrea is a real doll in leopard print, she looks very sexy in leopard print. When she is naked and her figure is fully revealed, you will be deeply attracted by her, with a delicate face and a perfect figure. If you like her, take her home quickly.



  • Product style: 158cm  
  • Neck circumference: 28cm
  • Shoulder width: 37cm
  • Upper bust: 87cm
  • Under bust :57cm
  • Waist: 48cm
  • Hips: 83cm
  • Arm length: 58cm
  • Palm length: 14cm
  • Leg length: 80cm
  • Foot length: 22cm
  • Mouth length: 12cm
  • Cave length: 16cm
  • Anal hole length: 14cm
  • Body weight: 32.8kg
  • Packing size:148*41*29

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