JY 125cm Small Asian Sex Dolls Meimei


 Meimei is petite and a very well-behaved sex doll. She likes to do anything that makes you happy. She is simply your most intimate little secretary and little follower. She will follow you wherever you go, she trusts you so much. You had a very close emotional connection before. She is well-behaved and naughty, and always makes you happy. The days with her are very pleasant.Meimei is a very shy girl, she lowered her head, waiting for you to kiss her, and she will not complain, you can do anything to her. You can also easily pick her up and do whatever you want to do, and she will selflessly bring you a lot of feelings.

 Meimei is a very realistic sex doll, it is a very happy thing to enjoy the time of two people with her, because a girl with such a good figure is really rare, she is not tall and short, and the proportion of the figure is perfect It is very curvy and very sexy. Many customers like this doll with a very exquisite look and a very good figure.


Doll Measurements:

  • Height: 125cm | 4ft 1.2inch
  • Weight: 14.5kg | 32lbs
  • Upper Chest: 57cm | 22.4in
  • Lower Chest: 49cm | 19.3in
  • Waist: 43cm | 16.9in
  • Hip: 62cm | 24.4in
  • Shoulder Width: 28cm | 11.0in
  • Foot Length: 15cm | 5.9in 
  • Oral Length: 11cm | 4.3in 
  • Vagina Length: 14cm | 5.5in
  • Anus Length: 12cm | 4.7in

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