Victoria likes to try new things. Every day she maintains a fantasy about the future, she has the innocence and cuteness of a girl. She hopes that she can find a gentle boyfriend every day, and her boyfriend will always take care of her and protect her. Her skin is smooth and elastic, just close her eyes and enjoy the fun of having sex with a real doll.


Size & Info

  • Height:155cm
  • Breast line: 74cm
  • Underbreastline: 63cm
  • Waistline: 57cm
  • Hip line: 82cm
  • Shoulder width: 33cm
  • Thighline: 44cm
  • Calfline: 30cm
  • Arm Length: 54cm
  • Leg Length: 81cm
  • Feet Size: 20cm
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Package Size: 147 x 38 x 30cm