Irontech 150cm gymnast style flat chested Xenia

Irontech Sex Doll

Xenia is the most beautiful little cutie in the gym. Her blond hair is like a little princess. A layer of golden light enveloped her, she was so holy! You can hardly remove your eyes from her body. Her body is so beautiful that no matter what kind of sex dolls can replace her beauty and holiness.

Irontech doll sex dolls for sale! Irontech doll sex dolls are mainly TPE sex dolls. The skin of these dolls is close to the skin texture of real people. If you cover your eyes, you won’t even feel the difference between the Irontech doll ’s vagina and the real vagina. The softness is exactly the same. It is also one of the best sex doll brands in the world. With a metal skeleton and delicate skin, the experience is real and I do n’t want to stop.
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Height Full Bust Under Bust Waist Hips Weight Arm Length Shoulder Width Calf Circum Thigh Circum Leg Length Foot Length Carton Size
150cm 70cm 57cm 53cm 85.5cm 27kg 56cm 34cm 28cm 56cm 78cm 21.5cm 144*38*26