This is Silicone Shiori, which is more realistic than tpe Shiori. She is a manga Love Doll made by DollHouse 168 with high-quality grade silicone. She is realistic and flexible, her big breast and fair skin which make you obsessed. Her figure is very good, her watery eyes seem to talk to you. If you like this style of real dolls, just take her home.

The DollHouse 168 2019 series is the latest (and greatest? series to be introduced by DollHouse 168). The designs are incredible and have been received with a fantastic response, they have become DollHouse 168’s most popular series yet…

The DollHouse 168 says: “The idea of creating this new series originated from the feedback we got from our loyal customers, they were really into our previous Japanese style and requested us to design some more animated dolls, this will also become the main theme of our future design.” The Doll Forum - Monday, Dec 31, 2018.

The DollHouse 168 2019 Series features the widely used M16 neck and body connector making it compatible with other well-known manufacturers and designers for true customisation. The 2019 series also features the widely acclaimed Platinum TPE formula, made famous by Piper Doll and Doll Forever. All 2019 series dolls feature the EVO skeleton built-in (cannot be swapped for the classic skeleton). 

The EVO skeleton features: 
  • Shrugging Shoulders
  • Lateral hip bend from left to right
  • Enabled full kneel bend for sitting on the knees
  • Enabled Squatting

The 2019 series is also compatible with all Piper Doll wigs and has a variety of vagina insert texture options available.  

Size & Info

Height: 140cm
Weight: 23kg
Neck: 19.5cm
Shoulder: 28cm
Bust: 67cm
Under bust: 46cm
Cup: E- cup
Waist: 44.5cm
Hips: 78cm
Thigh length: 35cm
Thigh circumference: 40cm
Low leg length: 37cm
Calf circumference: 25cm
Upperarm length: 21.5cm
upper arm girth: 18.5cm
Forearm length: 21cm
forearm girth: 18cm
Feet: 19cm
Vagina: 15cm
Anus: 13cm
Oral: no
Carton size: 141x40x27cm 35kgs