Doll House168 irokebijin 90 CM Medium Breasts Anime Sex Doll Rico B

DollHouse 168

Rico B has brown hair and blue eyes. She is only 90cm tall. She is light so you can carry her around easily. She has a hot body like a young girl. Her breasts are not too big or small, just fit in your hands perfectly.

She is down for any fun you have in mind. Hurry up! Take her home now!

Doll House 168 represented some Chinese brands physical dolls for years and decided to manufacture its own in 2015. It excels at technology, skin and facial sculpture. Many top sex dolls were made. It has unique style of prototype showing beauty and sexiness. The ever-improving material formulation makes the touch of the doll more human.

Size & Info:

Height: 90cm

Head circumference: 35cm

Weight: 8kg

Shoulder: 20cm

Bust: 42cm

Under bust: 33cm

Cup: E-Cup

Waist: 33cm

Hips: 56cm

Thigh length: 23cm

Low leg length: 23cm

Feet: 12cm

Vagina: 16cm

Anus: 14cm