Nikki is a sex doll made by Doll-forever, she is a slim, curvy, and beautiful girl. She has short brown hair and fair skin, she wears black bra and black stockings, looks so sexy. She is 155cm, like a real women size. Her chests are so big which can bring special sexual experience in bed. Do you want to own her? Come on!

Doll-Forever, the big mamma company that Piper and DH168 operate underneath, the mac-daddy of doll manufacturers. Nothing but stunning designs and beautiful dolls. We help sex doll lovers around the world get their hands on these beauties. 

Can't find the doll you're looking for? Contact our team, we have access to the full Doll-Forever collection and we can source any doll you like. 

Height: 155cm Fit
Weight: 32kg
Neck: 26.5
Shoulder: 35
Bust: 78
Under bust: 56
Cup: F
Waist: 51
Hips: 82
Thigh length: 38
Thigh circumference: 45
Low leg length: 45
Calf circumference: 29
Upperarm length: 27
upper arm girth: 21.5
Forearm length: 23
forearm girth: 21
Peet: 19.5
Vagina: 18
Anus: 16
Oral: 14
Packed weight: 38kgs
Dimensions: 144*38*27cm