Amaranth Elf - WM 171cm H cup Hot Selling Powerful Sex Machine For men Masturbation Sex Toys


Amaranth is a medium-sized sex doll. She has a good figure. You can see all the details of her body: her chest, her waist, her buttocks. It's really cute.

You can see that it has very attractive long red hair, very sexy.

Her chest and hips are very big, like a ball.

Her bright eyes and straight nose are carved by God.

The most exaggerated is her big and sharp ears, like a fairy, especially interesting.

If you're not used to appreciating such ears, you can fold them up and cover them with her long hair.

Size & Info

  • Brand: WM Dolls
  • Body: WM 171cm H cup
  • Head: 302
  • Height: 171cm (5'7") - head included
  • Weight: 35.5kg (72 lbs.)  
  • Cup Size: H cup
  • Bust: 81cm (32")
  • Waist: 43cm (17")
  • Hips: 82cm (33") 
  • Vagina Depth: 17cm ( 6.7" )
  • Anal Depth: 17cm ( 6.7" )
  • Oral Depth: 13cm ( 5.1" )
  • Vagina Diameter: 1.5cm ( 0.6" )
  • Anal Diameter: 1.5cm ( 0.6" )
  • Material: TPE